Competitions winners (May 2014)

Posted on: 10 June 2014 by Gareth Hargreaves

Here are the winners for our competitions in May 2014!

May competition winners

May was a busy competitions month on 50connect with everything from theatre tickets and days out to home entertainment and health products. Take a look at which 50connect members have struck lucky in the last four weeks.

Grand Designs Live London

Karen Pemberton, James Spicer, Michelle Banks, Jackie Foster and Dawn Chapman

Seeing is Believing with Foster Grant Reading Glasses

Tilly Cleary, Olive de Sarasola, Helen Battle, Ricky Dexter, Irvin Bullock, Evelyn Dainty and Sue Flint

LOGO Holiday Game Fun

David Harker, Karen Boggett, Kathy Wilson and Robert Smith

Wasgij Jigsaw Puzzles

Jim ORourke, Justin Cushion, Lesley Wright, Chris Edmonds and Tony Boucher

Visioberry Tablets

Allan Smith, Samantha Sugden, Paul Bell, Irene Julian, Linda Macdonald, Jane Roberts, Roberta McCreanor, Adele Leek, Tracy Newton and Michael Hogan

Vavista 12-week Diet Free Weight Loss Programme

Chevaune Taylor-Stanley, Alison Eden and Jason Heseltine

The Baby Show at Birmingham NEC

Rachell Beeston, Stefan Ingram, Emma Steigmann, Pam Gregory and Cathryn Bowen

Foreplay at London King’s Head Theatre

Andrew Appleton, Mike Brundell, Claire Derry, Gordon Abbott and Denise Corcoran

Thebans at the London Coliseum

Sylvia Willerton, Gary Hopkinson and Jan McConkey

Fings Ain’t Wot They Used T’Be at the Theatre Royal Stratford East

Polly Bastow, Pat Fenech, Emma Green and Sally Lea

Michael Bolton “Ain’t No Mountian High Enough” CD

Sue Brett, Linda Osborne, Norma McGill, Chris Banks, Stuart Watmough, Penny Longstaff, Lorraine McNichol and Sarah Rees


Jean Marchant, Lionel Barnes, Jan Metcalfe, Lesley Fowler, Yvonne Jarman, Lena Boston, Peter Hadland and David Freeman

LEVERAGE: The Complete Season Five DVD

Jim ORourke, Chris Rooke-Matthews, Michael Groll, Vanessa Rozee and Christine Massue

The Railway Man Blu-ray

Carol De Brikasaan, Andrew Appleton, Dorothy Booth, Helen Aiken and Paul Witney

Mia Tui’s signature Tote, the “Amelie”

Gina Raymond and Christine Suggars

YOU StreamZ natural pain relief ankle band

Stephanie Stanley, Aiden Jones, Joanne Mapp, Daiva Preston and Micki Hobbs

Last of the Duty Free Tour

Michelle Best, Gordon Abbott, Andrew Poultney  

FAME – The Musical Tour

Ellen Potter, Mark Karnani, Shirley Crowson and Philip Pink

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