Conservatives: Vote for change? Tell us the truth first.

Posted on: 28 February 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

The outcome of the general election will have a significant impact on the UK's hopes of economic recovery, so why is George Osborne so reluctant to tell us how he wil lead us out of recession?

Sad thing politics – there are always winners and losers. Yesterday David Cameron threw down the gauntlet to Gordon Brown with the bold slogan ‘Vote for Change’ and said it was his patriotic duty to remove Brown from power! That says it all - but he’s going to have to come up with more than that if he is to win the Prime Minister’s chair. Already the Tories are slipping in the polls and we are still, more than likely eight weeks away from the election. A lot can happen in that span of time.

Equally it can work against Brown if there are any more revelations about his bullying behaviour. It’s all to be had for these two and sooner or later is will rest on two things; what polices they put to the electorate and who the voters trust! Let battle commence!

Oh! –I forgot Nick Clegg! Well I think Rory Bremner said it all on the radio last night. He was asked if he could ‘do a Nick Clegg’ and replied that he had been asked by Clegg is he found it difficult to impersonate him. Bremner replied ‘Do you?

Too little too late!

It’s just been announced by the NHS that there are plans to make all visitors to the UK have medical Insurance to stop ‘Health Tourists’ – people coming here to get their operations done free! About bloody time – we’ve been supporting the health budgets of half the countries in the world for too long by half. Why it has taken the government 13 years to do something about it who knows?
Ah yes, I forgot there’s an election soon isn’t there?

I can see this working with usual government efficiency - long queues of visitors at the airports and ports having it explained to them that they can’t come in without insurance. Let’s not go there – put the onus on the airlines and ferry companies to ensure their passengers have insurance or they will have to foot the repatriation costs. We’ve been too soft for too long. If you win the election Mr Cameron, this is one Labour idea you can continue with!

‘Flower power’ fitness!

It’s true health was better in the Sixties than today! Surprise! A study by the Department of Health has shown that in the 1960s we exercised more, ate better diets and less of it, worked harder but didn’t go to gyms. Obesity was only 1-2% of population whereas today it is a whopping 26%! Now let’s be honest did we need to spend time and money on a study to find this out. You only have to compare newsreels from the period and with today's specimens today to see the difference. In the 60s most people were slim enough to get into those wild clothes we wore and we did a lot of that other sort of 'exercise' so it was hard to put on weight. Also as a generation we weren't weaned on American foods – Coke, Pepsi, McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken. The closest we had was the ‘Wimpy’ hamburger (named after Wimpy from the Popeye TV series) and once eaten never tried again!

We’ve had a wonderful economic 40 years and we are now paying the price: obesity, debt, crime, drugs and regulations. Now I know why our parents talked about the good old days – they were!


Having watched George Osborne on the Andrew Marr Show, I've come to the conclusion that he talks a lot but is a master prevaricator! Marr tried to pin him on some big topics but failed to draw a satisfactory answer to any of his questions. Well here's a message to Mr Osborne and Mr Cameron – stop listening to your speech writer, PR staff and spin doctors. It’s time to be honest and frank and tell the electorate WHAT YOU WILL DO TO GET US OUT OF THE MESS WE’RE IN! If you don’t you shall lose the election and that means more bad news for this country!

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