Could your pet win the Pet Factor?

Posted on: 14 January 2010 by Mark O'haire

Has your pet got a special story to tell? As part of its Pet Factor campaign, the National Office of Animal Health’s (NOAH) website Pet Health Information is looking for winning pets with amazing stories to be entered into a competition for a prize worth more than £1,000.

Pet Health Information is asking pet owners to go onto the website to explain why their four-legged friend has the Pet Factor in 200 words or less.  Maybe you wouldn’t recognise your rescue dog from his neglected former self? Or your brave cat has recovered from being run over?  Whatever makes your pet special, this is your chance to shout about it.

The Pet Factor campaign was launched with a viral video trilogy, focussing on Pet Factor auditions for a dog, cat, and hamster that reminded owners of the importance of basic pet care – worming, flea control, exercise and a healthy diet.

The winning pet and their owner will have a full photo shoot worth over £1,000 with renowned animal photographer Sam Lunt.  The final photographs will be presented to them in a beautiful bound book, to remember their special day.

If you missed the pet factor viral videos, click here and if you think your pet has what it takes to win the Pet Factor, submit your 200 word entry, with a photograph if possible, at, by 28 February 2010.

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