Duchess of York: Once regarded as endearing, now she’s just shameful

Posted on: 04 June 2010 by Mark O'haire

There was a time when the name “Fergie” was regarded as endearing, now it’s just shameful! Leave the stage Fergie - you don’t amuse any more.


My daily read into work is the free newspaper the Metro and in the evening the Evening Standard - also now free. Yesterday, whilst reading on my way into work there was a full page report of the Duchess of York’s interview with Oprah Winfrey on US television. The reports are cringe making!

She justified her actions by saying that she had been drinking, she was desperate, she had no money etc. None of this washed with the reviews that appeared the following day in the press.

She was vilified for what she had done, gained no sympathy whatsoever and generally was parodied for referring to herself as “a tiny little new born chick“, “freeing Sarah from the treadmill” and  “the royal she”.

Tosh! She’s a stupid, greedy ungrateful, scheming shyster and everyone knows it, from the cash out girl at Tesco to the Queen (she knows it best of all).

In the Evening Standard they ran the story about a nice lady called Christine Schmid - the widow of Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid, the bomb disposal expert that was blown to pieces trying to defuse a bomb in Afghanistan. She was at Buckingham Palace to collect a posthumous George Cross. She made an eloquent statement regretting that he had not been able to have the medal pinned on himself with his wife and son watching. She praised his bravery and commitment to his comrades and how much they missed him.

Maybe the Duchess should take some time out and reflect on the important people in this life and the sacrifices they make rather than cavorting on US TV trying to explain away her appalling behaviour. There was a time when the name “Fergie” was regarded as endearing, now it’s just shameful! Leave the stage Fergie - you don’t amuse any more.

Funny thing contrasts, aren’t they?

In Limbo

Do you feel a bit in limbo with life in the UK. The supposed ‘recovery’ doesn’t seem to be happening, prices are pretty much the same, house values are rising just a little, wages are static and there is no sign of new jobs being created…

Well that’s all going to change – for the worse! The Bank of England will soon have to raise interest rates to ease the falling of the pound whilst George Osborne will deliver one of the toughest post-war budgets on 22 June.

Capital Gains Tax will rise and so will taxes generally. The scaling back of government departments as well as local councils is underway. The consequences of all this will bring change but in the short term, not a nice one. Keep your belts free they’re going to tighten by the autumn!

They’re bottling the Thames!

Plans are afoot to bottle Thames water. The Thames is undergoing change so we will soon get mineral water on tap. They’re adding chemicals to make it easy to remove the silt, then they will filter it through sand and membranes before finally adding calcium and magnesium for taste. Then we will drink in –ugh!

I was told by someone once that all the water we drink has ‘passed through’ 18 times (so to speak!) before we drink it - I think I’d prefer this than ‘new style Thames water’!

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