Duchess of York wanted cash for Royal business introduction

Posted on: 23 May 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

The Royals have woken up to a scandal this morning! The Duchess of York has been caught by a national newspaper trying to ‘sell’ an introduction to the Duke of York for £500,000

First we had MPs and then the Lords lining their pockets and now not to be outdone, we have the ‘Royals’. A video shows the Duchess of York falling for a tabloid 'cash for access' sting and leaves no doubt that she was quite happy to sell ‘royal favours’!

When does greed and corruption stop and social responsibility start. Well it seems they can go hand in hand – one hand in the sordid barrel of payoffs, bribes and downright fraud while waving the other hand at the ‘awed’ public who allow them to hold positions of power and influence.

Doesn’t the Royal family have enough in terms of wealth and privilege that they don’t have to stoop in the gutter of corruption and the betrayal of public trust. Maybe we should now have a big clean up at Buckingham Palace and get rid of the cronies and hangers on. Maybe they should go out and get a job like the rest of us.

Perhaps Sarah Ferguson fancied updating the popular nursery ryhme:

Oh, the grand old Duchess of York
She wanted £500,000 … I'm sure you can fill in the rest.

The Duchess of York has always been a disgusting individual grabbing what she can for doing very little while always pleading poverty. I imagine the breakfast chat with the Duke of York is pretty blue this morning. Why doesn’t he kick the woman out and into the gutter where her behaviour suggests she belongs. Maybe she’ll then find out what it’s like to be hard pressed for cash like most of the rest of the population.

Liam Fox strikes the right chord!

The Foreign Secretary, the Minister of Overseas Development and Liam Fox, the Secretary of State for Defence, are all in Afghanistan on a fact finding tour and meeting President Kazai. Liam Fox has signaled a sea change in UK foreign policy and has dropped the first coalition bombshell of the new administration … and to ensure the message got through loud and clear he launched another!

Fox's set the scene by describing Afghanistan as a 13th century feudal state, which we should not try and interfere with.

The bullish Secretary of State for Defence then made it clear that our new government no longer sees its role as anything to do with cultural development or bringing Afghans into the 21st century and wants us out of there as quickly as possible.

Did you get the message President Kazai – the party is over, the bribes and corruption is stopping and we are going to take our young men home asap!

Bloody good show Liam we need more of this. Let them sort their own problems and terrorists out – and we’ll do likewise. The sooner you get us out of there the better and you will earn the respect of the British voter. Keep at it, my boy – you are music to my ears!

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