Farewell Liam Byrne - Good riddance to bad rubbish!

Posted on: 18 May 2010 by Mark O'haire

The value of the Euro is tumbling, Greece is in crisis and Liam Byrne thumbs his nose at his successor as the sorry state of Treasury coffers is exposed.

When David Laws, the new Chief Secretary to the Treasury, reported for his first day in office, he found a little note from his Labour predecessor, Liam Byrne.

It read, ‘Dear Chief Secretary, I’m afraid there is no money.’ A nice welcome and one that did not make George Osborne smile in the least. An initial trawl through the Treasury files and records has thrown up some interesting snippets. Like the £430 million of contracts signed since the beginning of the year for new school building programmes. Strange that they are all in marginal Labour constituencies.

Now if this sort of thing happened in the private sector the Fraud Squad would be called in. Maybe the same should happen to politicians who have tried to feather the bed of the Labour Party. Still I expect my wish has about as much chance as Tony Blair has of being tried for waging an illegal war.

I will have to be satisfied with the thought that Labour have as much chance of getting back into power as I have of winning the Lottery.

Good riddance to bad rubbish – that’s all I can say!

The House of Lords liveth – for the time being!

It comes to pass that the Tories and the Liberal Democrats are about to offer peerages to a load of their cronies to ‘re-balance’ the Upper Chamber. This is to counter all the Labour supporters that Blair and Brown ‘elevated’. I seem to remember that there was a lot of talk about turning the upper chamber into an elected body. What’s happened to all of that?

Well I suppose this will happen whatever we say about it. All I hope is that both parties look closely at the candidate’s suitability and past performance before they appoint them. Party donors who have failed in other careers should not be on the shortlist! We will be watching!

An interesting thing happened on my way to work. You guys living out of London just don't know how lucky you are. Travelling in to work today, our Finance Director, Abi, and I had to change trains at Kennington. The train trundled in; doors opened; passengers emptied and new passengers crammed themselves in. We were last to board and heard 'Stand clear of the doors – train is ready to leave!'

At this point we stepped back not wishing to get trapped by the doors and expecting to be shuttled into the tunnel. However, an unfortunate young lady became lodged half in, half out of the train. Abi wrestled the doors and shouted for her to drag herself into the carriage - which, with little dignity she did - minus a shoe. The drama was over in seconds, but as we sped to our destination, the poor girl realised she was now slightly underdressed.

So if the attractive young lady with one shoe hobbling around London gets in touch with me, I'll tell her where she can collect her other shoe!

I'm beginning to think London is too dangerous for a 65 year-old heart throb!

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