Father's Day Gift Guide

Posted on: 05 June 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Ideas for Father's Day gifts.


Father’s Day is here on 21st June so why not show him just how much he’s appreciated with an unforgettable gift.

We have a host of examples for all ranges of budgets for you to give your dad a unique present.

It’s time for your dad to take centre stage on his special day!

All the gifts featured can be found using the links provided at the bottom of the page.

Wind-Up Multi Mobile Charger (£3)
No, it’s not a wind-up. When technology lets you down and your battery’s flat, it’s back to the dark ages for the perfect solution. Just plug this magic gizmo into your phone and wind it up. A three minute wind will give you about eight minutes of talk time.

Fumbling around in the dark for the house keys? Well the Locklite Mini Key Torch (£4) turns your house key into a torch to brighten up your search.

If your dad is clambering around the house with another tool box full of junk then why not give him the Swiss Tech Micro-plus 8-in-1 multi-tool (£6). The multi-tool gets rid of all those tools you’ll never need and compresses the rest into a keyring. It includes two screwdrivers, wire cutters, wire strippers, metal shears, a ruler and a mini set of precision pliers.

The level above the Wind-Up Mobile Charger is the Emergency Phone Charger (£7). This is so compact and multi-tasking that it even charges up your iPod.

If dad’s up all day and never goes to bed, give him the Solar Keyring Torch (£8). The keyring offers free light for life.

Crazy Golf Balls (£8) are bound to freak him out. These wonderfully ludicrous gold balls come in pack of four and consist of: The Exploder, The Phantom, The Jet Streamer and The Unputtable.

It may have been invented in 1967, but 40 years on the Stylophone (£10) is bound to be another hit. The pocket synthesiser made popular by the likes of Rolph Harris and David Bowie is back.

Now your dad can grow your own insect eating plants, right on the windowsill. Grow Your Own Carnivorous Plants (£13) includes two types of plants to grow, and both love eating little flies.

If that’s not his cup of tea, then he can enjoy a nice hot cuppa grown from his very own tea and coffee plants at home. Grow Your Own Tea & Coffee (£13) is simple and everything you need is included in the gift box.

Father's Day On/Off MugToo much time spent working, building, or cutting the grass and the cup of tea you made gets cold. The On/Off Mug (£16) will keep him posted on the heat of his vital cuppa. When blazing hot the mug is emblazoned with the words “On” in black letters and as it cools down it changes to “Off” in white letters.

Father's Day Break The BottlePossibly the best gift for wine lovers ever invented is Don’t Break The Bottle (£20). Give dad a bottle of wine in a puzzle they’ll be hard pushed to master.

Chess has soared into the 21st Century with the USB Chess Game (£20). Just plug it into his computer’s USB socket and away you go.

The slim and solid Solar Power Charger (£25) is a great green way to restore power to his ailing appliances.

Dad willl never tire of the photos of you on his fridge ever again with the Fridge Magnet Photo Frame (£30). The mini digital frame can store up to 66 photos and flick through them at speeds between 5 and 80 seconds thanks to its USB connection.

Has he ever dreamt of owning his very own piece of land in the sun? Now he can be the lucky recipient of his very own piece of paradise – on Little Exuma to be exact – one of a string of islands that make up the Bahamas with Own A Piece Of Paradise (£30).

Dust his old cassette deck off and polish up his record player. The Instant Music Ripper (£40) connects to any PC or Mac and allows dad to update his old music albums into the 21st Century and onto CD.

A must for every true motor sport fan is A Tour Of Silverstone (£50). During an attention grabbing two hours of Silverstone, tour around and you’ll see unique behind the scenes views of the Home of British Motor Racing.

If helicopters are more his thing why not treat him to a Helicopter Flight Experience (£65). A truly exciting and unforgettable experience. You will be flying for 10 minutes.

When away from home, he can use the UV Water Purifier (£70) to check and make sure the water he’s drinking is safe – complete peace of mind in a pen.

Father's Day TurntableTurn all his old vinyl and cassettes into MP3’s with the USB Turntable (£70).

Take to the skies with a Microlighting Flying Experience (£85). You will climb up to 1,500 feet above ground level to enjoy panoramic views from the cockpit.

Let dad drive the coolest car in the world with the Aston Martin Thrill (£90).

Father's Day Photo ProcessorConvert all dad’s favourite negatives and slides into digital images with the Digital Film Scanner (£90).

Father's Day Beer MachineIf beer is dad’s passion, then why not make his day with the Beer Machine (£100). In the past homebrew was considered awful but thanks to some brilliant Canadians, home brewed beer is now dangerously gorgeous and easy to make. Just add the beer mixture and in seven to 10 days you’ll have 17 pints of excellent beer.

Father's Day GiftsQuite possibly the most iconic plane of the 20th Century, the Spitfire Mk IIB is now available to fly yourself, well nearly. The Remote Control Spitfire (£140) has everything needed to go air-bound included in the box, making this model a true “one box” purchase. Usual running time is around 10 minutes.

Experience life on the front line when Tank Driving (£170). As part of a small group, dad will be given driving experience in up to three different military vehicles.

All these gifts are available online at Find Me A Gift, I Want One Of Those, Getting Personal, Prezzy Box, Crazy About Gadgets and Paramount Zone.


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