February competition winners

Posted on: 07 March 2014 by 50connect editorial

Here are the lucky winners for our Competitions in February 2014!

50connect competition winners February 2014

Each month we publish the names of the members who have struck lucky through 50connect competitions. Check below to see if you are among the winners.


McGuigan Wines

Charles Umelo and Alicia O’leary


War Horse at the New London Theatre

Lesley Doodnath, Elaine Jennings, Jackie Doyle, Mary Boyles, Nadine Payne and Carolynn Crabb


Blithe Spirit at Gielgud Theatre

Stef Leigh and Joanne Godfray


Who Do You Think You Are? Live at London Olympia

Gary Hartley, Gillian Banks, Patricia Burke, Lesley Walsh and Ellen White


Fallen Angels Tour

Sue Gromala, Gillian Faulkner, Kay Ellerby and David Bell


Donkeys’ Years at Rose Theatre Kingston

Roger Nutt, Sarah Harrison, Maren Padwick and Ronni Astroff


Urinetown at St James Theatre

Gabbie Prosser, Mark Waldron, Katy McMillan and Adam Brundell


The Yonex All England Open Badminton Championships

Rachael Forde, Kevin Kusman and Eleanor Ofield


ProCook Gourmet Steel Cookware 6 Piece Set

Margaret Nokling

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