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Posted on: 20 January 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Budgets and lifestyles have a huge impact on your pet’s happiness. A new online tool from PDSA makes choosing the right animal a doddle.

PDSA, The People's Dispensary for Sick Animals, has devised a simple computer-based formula, ‘Your Right Pet’, to ensure the health and happiness of any pets you may choose to take home.

The four-step ‘PETS’ formula is designed to help every prospective pet owner consider the main issues before taking on any companion animal, from rats to retrievers.

“If people choose the wrong pet for their lifestyle, the animal is likely to suffer,” says Sean Wensley, senior veterinary surgeon at PDSA.

“But with this new online tool, you can find out quickly and easily which type of pet might best suit your lifestyle and circumstances.”

PETS is based on the key elements of Place, Exercise, Time and Spend. All need to be considered to ensure owners and their pets are well matched.

Place: Which type of pet is appropriate for where you live?

Exercise: Can you provide the type and amount of daily exercise?

Time: Can you devote enough time to your pet?

Spend: Can you afford the lifetime expense of your preferred pet?

PDSA Find The Right Pet Tool‘Your Right Pet’ features a cartoon pet that will 'morph' and change shape as you answer questions, until the most suited pet for your lifestyle is revealed. Stage two provides more detail on different types of pets, such as expected lifespan, likely lifetime costs and how to meet that pet’s welfare needs.

“Thankfully, the new Animal Welfare Act introduces a legal ‘duty of care’ that requires all owners to ensure that their pet’s welfare needs are met," added Wensley. 

"Our online tool explains in clear and practical terms what these welfare needs are for the animals that are most commonly kept as pets, so is a unique resource for prospective and existing pet owners alike.”

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