Forgive us, Obama, for we have sinned

Posted on: 17 June 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

The special relationship has been soured by the BP oil gusher, but is that reason enough for penitent Brits to be prostrating themselves at the feet of our American cousins?

OK folks, bare your chests and kneel at the altar of the US of A! We’ve had Fergie (You know, the one? The ginger woman who flogs ‘favours’ for the Royal family!) and the CEO and Chairman of BP prostrating themselves before Obama begging forgiveness for their misdemeanours. But now it seems to have caught on big time and our celebs are getting in on the act.

Earlier this week, Helen Mirren appeared on the David Letterman Show and she really showed the flag – the white one! Dame Helen grovelled that what BP stood for ‘bloody piss poor’ and that she was so pleased that we had drawn with the USA in our first match of the World Cup, because she wouldn’t have been able to go on the show had we won. She was 'mortified and embarrassed at being British!’

Well, Helen, if that’s the case then you can stay there – we don’t need you here! When there’s trouble that affects the UK, we have a well ordered tradition of closing ranks and standing together. Obviously, Mirren doesn’t subscribe to this when the dollar is whispering in her ear.

Funny though, isn’t she the actress that made a bundle of money and created her worldwide reputation out of playing Elizabeth II  in the film ‘Queen’? Maybe you should remember your origins and be a little less eager to bite the hand that feeds you!

But maybe that's what she is doing now – the hand that feeds her being the USA!

Good evening, Sir. You’re nicked!

Looks like the drink/drive laws are going to be changed – a recent report suggests that the limit should be one pint of beer and over this you are nicked! Is this a good thing? More than likely but it is another loss of our rights as a consequence of the behaviour of a minority. I hate drunks and hate even more the ones that have no regard for others with their behaviour. If we are going to really come down on drink drivers let’s do it for real and adopt a have zero tolerance policy -  a lifetime driving ban for those caught will stop the problem except for the few idiots who will always offend!

Mr Osborne starts the journey!

George Osborne made a speech at the Mansion House last night and announced the end of the FSA, which will now become a subset of the Bank of England. This is a good thing – the FSA has failed this country miserably and is a nail in another of Gordon Brown’s initiative. Let’s hope the BoE does a better and much tougher job on the banks and investment houses.
Osborne also laid down markers for next week’s budget. Guess what? It’s going to be tough and there’s no getting away from it.

All start humming ‘There may trouble ahead...’

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