Posted on: 06 November 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

From stocking-fillers to keepsake presents, our original suggestions are sure to please husbands, wives and youngsters.

Silver Digital Photo Keyring

Display up to 255 of your best digital photographs and scroll through them easily with this Silver Digital Photo Keyring featuring a 1.1 inch LCD screen that can display 65,000 colours. It features a USB port, making the transfer of your photos to the internal flash memory of the tiny gadget simple. Now you can carry your favourite photos with you at all times.

Price: £4.99

Where to buy: Tecknet at

Wine Cooler Intelligent Wine Cooler

With an internal heater and chiller unit, this device can get your favourite tipple to the perfect temperature in short order. Its databank stores the exact temperatures for 30 of the most common wine varieties, you simply select your Pinot Noir, Chablis or Beaujolais, you name it, and the unit will warm or cool it accordingly.

Price: £69.95

Where To Buy:

Slide scannerTransparency & Slide Scanner

This product will allow you to scan your old slides and photo negatives to your PC enabling you to edit them as you would a digital picture.  By using this machine you can store all your images in one place and be able to send them easily to friends and family via email.

Price: £69.95

Where To Buy:

Bush TurntableBush Turntable Micro System

This music centre that plays CDs, LPs and has an AM/FM radio also has the capability to convert your music into MP3 files.  With a SD card slot and a USB port, transffering music to your PC couldn’t be simpler.

Price: £99.95

Where To Buy:

HD CamcorderHD Camcorder

Capture all the action in latest high-definition video without breaking the bank with this HD Camcorder. German pioneers Aiptek have developed this super-lightweight pocket-sized DV that offers all the features of far more expensive rivals.

Price: £260

Where To Buy:

Indestructible planeVirtually Indestructible RC Plane

With the London Science Museum seal of approval, this remote controlled aeroplane combines maximum fun with a bit of learning. included in the instructions are all the things you need to know about aeronautics! Instead of just being told to push the control sticks up and down, you are also told exactly what you are doing, and what makes the plane fly and stay in the air!

Price: £39.99

Where To Buy:

Are you buying any cracking Christmas presents for your family or friends? Are you in need of inspiration?

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