Gadgets For Older Relatives

Posted on: 16 October 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

A compilation of essential and ingenious gadgets for older relatives.

There are plenty of gadgets on the market which make life easier for older relatives who have less mobility or who are restricted by conditions such as arthritis. 

Here are a variety of useful gadgets and gizmos with direct links to buy online; from microwavable slippers to magnetic jewellery converters.

Large Button Universal Remote

Big button remoteThe Tek Partner Large Button Universal Remote solves a lot of problems when dexterity in the fingers becomes a problem for people using their television, VCRs and cable box remote controls.  This remote features an easy-to-grasp T shape, lighted keypad with large buttons and bold, easy-to-read characters.

Plus, it retains its code information when you change the batteries.

Available online at Active Forever for £16.

Microwavable Slippers 

(Photo at top)

These would appeal to anyone of any age.  Simply pop the slippers in the microwave and beat cold feet with these aromatherapy slippers. Slippies Microwavable Foot Warmers contain a special blend of treated flax seed and wonderfully relaxing herbs, which when heated give off a wonderful aroma that relieves aches and pains and pampers the senses.

Although toasty after just 90 seconds in the microwave, the versatile Slippies can also be popped into a plastic bag and put in the freezer for at least three hours, and then used as a cold compress to ease sprains, bruising and swelling.

Visit the Gizoo website for more information, or to buy online for £14.95.

Perma TyElastic Shoelaces

Elastic shoelacesAnyone who has lost their dexterity in their fingers will appreciate these stretch elastic shoelaces.  They look like regular laces but they stretch to allow you to slip your foot in and out of a shoe without having to tie or untie your laces.

The laces come in different colours and three pairs to a package.

Available online at The Wright Stuff from £3.50.

Handle Key Turner

Key turnerIf you know someone with limited hand strength or coordination, the key turner is a cheap but practical gift to give. It will give them the leverage they need to easily turn a key in a lock.

The heavy duty key turner has a comfortable grip and the key folds into the handle when not in use.

Available online at Cosy Feet for £5.

Lighted Ultra-Viewer Magnifier

Lighted Ultra ViewerThis gadget has been around for a long time but it's still a very practical product. This lighted magnifier goes around your neck and is always handy when you need to read something. 

The hand free magnifier has a wide 4” lens that features 2.5x magnification power with a 6x bifocal insert. The comfortable lanyard on this reading magnifier is easily adjustable.

Available to buy online at Life Solutions Plus for £11.50.

Ring Zipper Pulls

Ring zipperIf you know someone who struggles with zippers on jackets or purses, this little product can solve that problem.

It's a one inch metal ring that attaches to the regular zipper tab to make zippering up and down easier.

They come three to a pack and are available from Life Solution Plus for £3.

MedReady Medication Dispenser

Medication DispenserIf you have an older relative in the family who forgets to take medications on time, this product can help. It comes in three models with 28 lockable departments in a carousel style dispenser.

The standard dispenser can be set to ring an alarm four times a day, and at the particular time with an alarm that can be set from 30 to 250 minutes long. Only the pills to be taken at that time are unlocked.  If hearing is an issue, the dispenser can be upgraded to a model with a flashing light.

Another upgrade is the MedReady PLUS model that has all the features of the other two models plus it adds a phone modem that can dial a distant caregiver if the medications are not removed by the end of the alarm duration.

It’s available to buy online at The Alzheimer's Store for £85

Magnetic Jewellery Converters

Magnetic jewelleryWe all like to dress up, no matter what our age, and this gadget is ideal for anyone having problems fastening necklaces, bracelets or chains. This little gadget converts jewellery with standard fasteners into magnetic fasteners that are easy and secure to use.

They come in silver and gold from Active Forever for £4.

Anti-Scalding Devices 

Anti ScaldingOtherwise known as a Temperature Activated Flow Reducer (TAFR) this is a great device for anyone who has lost the ability to tell when the water is too hot. This device automatically turns off the water flow when the water temperature gets too hot.

Available to buy online at The Alzheimer's Store for £21.

Softeeze Cushion

Softeeze CushionAs the nights draw in and the temperature drops there is only one way to cosy up your home this season with the world's comfiest cushion.

Squishy, squashy, sumptuous and silky, Softeeze Cushion is the softest pillow we've ever had the pleasure to cuddle in the name of research. A must-have travel companion and huggable head-rest for lazy days and nights curled up on the sofa.

Visit the Gizoo website for more information, or to buy online for £10.

What ingenius and essential gadgets do your older relatives find useful?

If you have discovered any useful gadgets for older relatives, share them with other 50connect readers.  Leave a comment in the box below or share your thoughts with other readers in the 50connect forums.

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