General election 2010 - So it's started

Posted on: 21 February 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Gordon Brown has started up in earnest Labour's 2010 election campaign. The smart money says May 6 is the date and the PM has a lot of convincing to do.

I wonder if Gordon Brown picked his birthday to make his ‘cheer leader’ speech to his party faithful to wring out a little sympathy from disillusioned supporters. Although the Election date isn’t fixed the parties are moving up to the line and waiting for the starter’s gun to fire.

The Prime Minister is looking for a new four year mandate as our nation’s leader, but if today's speech was anything to go by he going to have to do much, much  better to convince me!

Labour's slogan to get us to return him to power is - A future, fairer for all!

Now what does this mean?

Are we all going to be bailed out by the labour government like the banks or let off of ‘fiddling’ our expenses or benefit claims?

Will all the unemployed suddenly get new jobs or the soldiers in Afghanistan be brought home to live with their families like the rest of us?
Maybe Mr Brown will give back the money he took in taxes from pensions when he first took the job as Chancellor of the Exchequer. If he did then tens of thousands of pensioners will retire a lot better off than they are today.

Will he find some way to get all the university graduates jobs so they can pay the loans back they borrowed to get an education?

Will he do away with the gold plated pensions that civil servants enjoy?

Will he dismantle the massive bureaucracies that waste our taxes such as the Ministry of Defence and the NHS?

Unfortunately, the answer to most of the above is, no he won't! He'll do what a succession of his predecessors have done dish out lashings of platitudes and promises to gain power and, once elected, stumble on from one cock up to another.

Gordon Brown is not going to change – he talks the talk but he can’t walk the walk - He no longer knows how to! Listening to Brown is an infuriating experience; he talks about paying back our debt but without cutting back on services – I wonder how he’s going to do that. At least Tory leader, David Cameron, is honest enough to say it as it is – we have to pay back the debt quickly and that is going to be painful but it has to be done.

Profligate government has got to be stopped. The civil service must be cut down to size and we must have an environment of ‘can do’ not ‘make do’!

The news channels trotted out ‘spin king ‘Lord Mandelson this evening (Saturday) to support the Prime Minister. This usually articulate and convincing Labour spokesperson found it difficult to be convincing in support of Brown.

Mr Brown’s call to action was ‘Take a second look at Labour and a long look at them’ (I assume he meant the Conservatives)! Well I for one have had that second look and I don’t like what I see. Labour is a tired party with tired ideas and a tired leader! It’s time to move on.

PS: Instructions to Labour party activists going out on the hustings is ‘Don’t talk about our past – talk about the future!’. Hardly surprising – the past record is pretty dire as we all know!

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