General Election: 40 days that mustn't be wasted

Posted on: 29 March 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Health cuts, tax increases and national insurance rises, we know they are coming - so why can't the politicians be honest and allow us an informed choice come the election?

We are now in the magical ‘40 days before the election’. Gordon Brown is yet to give us a date but it’s pretty certain to be Thursday 6 May – and we will be able to make our choice - finally.

Over the weekend Labour came up with their little card detailing the five thrusts of their plans. All very fluffy and vague – full of good intentions but very little fact!

Cameron and Osborne were not that much better – with Cameron flagging the fact there was only 40 days left and they mustn’t be wasted! The party faithful were told to cancel their holidays and weekends if the Tories were going to win.

The Lib Dems seem to have shot their bolt; all the news media shows us is the same Nick Clegg who has been anonymous throughout his time as party leader – not the bright, sparky orator that was at the Liberal conference only a few weeks ago.

How long does it take these so called leaders to realise that all the electorate want is to hear clearly and precisely what they will do if they get into power?

Is this too much to ask? What will they do? What will be their priorities? What will they cut and what they will protect?  At the moment they are all sounding slightly different variations of vanilla. If they keep on like this we will end up with a ‘vanilla government’ - a hung party which will be castrated by typical Liberal dithering and debate!

So come the ‘so called- best of the best’ tell us in plain English what you are going to do and where all the inevitable cuts are going to hit. Do this and we, the voters can decide what pain and for how long we are prepared to accept.

Remember, it’s not your decision Mr Brown, Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg – it’s ours! We are the electorate – not you – you are public servants!

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