George Osborne and David Laws – wallpapering for the gentry!

Posted on: 25 May 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

This week, we've had to swallow the first half of the bitter pill of government cuts. You didn't think that £6billion cuts package was going to go away, did you?

The coalition axe has lopped off 500 million here, 700 million there and 250 million at a swipe by abolishing the Children’s Trust Fund payment – remember this little gem from Gordon Brown? £250 for every new baby.

Add it all up and it didn’t come to the forewarned six billion but there were lots of cuts that had to be taken into account that would add up to the magic number.

The big hits fell on local council payments and funding for local government. This will result in services being cut and job losses – the pain has started. When you see what they have to do away with to save six billion, how on earth will they be able to save 178 billion by 2015? That’s what they have to do to get the books straight.

Now in reality there will be lots of money coming in from taxes and VAT as the economy picks up and new jobs are created. On top of this Corporation Tax will rise as companies make increased profits. Whatever happens, the cuts will come and they will affect all of us. For those of us who have retired, the return of interest rates that mean anything, I think, remain some time away.

Before this is all over the pundits will start passing out the blame. From where I sit it lays in three key areas: the greedy banks: the greedy Americans who will sell anything for a buck and our old friend Gordon Brown and his cronies. So when the dirt starts getting dished remember the Tories and the Liberal were not to blame. They are the ones cleaning up the mess!

So what’s the advice for the next six months – the same as the last six months – keep you heads down and remember – Cash is King!

Give me a wad and I’ll get you a Duke!

Sarah Ferguson's embarrassing 'cash for access' clanger is still running strong. The minor Royal announced, through a media spokesperson (we all have one of those don’t we – even if we are hard up!) that she was devastated – well, I suppose she was – she got caught!

Buckingham Palace announced that the Duke of York was totally innocent of the nasty episode and he was whiter than white! But as society call girl, Mandy Rice Davis, said in a court hearing as a result of the 1960s Profumo Affair (wiki) ‘He would say that wouldn’t he!’

What the truth is I doubt we'll ever never know, but isn’t it time the Queen stamped her authority on her family and its opportunistic hangers on. Any more of this and she will see a groundswell of subjects, who have cleared out the old style of politics, calling for a modern republican constitution. 

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