Get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan, now!

Posted on: 25 June 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

The G8 Summits have been dubbed 'bureaurocrat heaven' in the past, but new Prime Minister, David Cameron, wants commitment to actions rather than words as he plots an exit strategy from Afghanistan.

David Cameron has moved the nation forward with some pretty monumental decisions since his election. He’s off to the G8 (or was it the G20?) this weekend in Toronto. The other one (G8 or G20) takes place November in Seoul, South Korea. He brings with him a refreshing bluntness saying he wants firm commitments and will not tolerate a ‘talking shop ‘. I think we all agree with that.

Well here’s a request for you to take to the meeting, which comes from the hearts of your electorate - get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan – we’ve done enough! It is time to stop sending our soldiers to their deaths in a war that can’t be won and has little value to the people of the UK. If we need added security increase our security at ports and airports. Tighten our immigration laws and prison sentences. Create ‘Fortress Britain’ – I’d sooner live in that than daily listen to the pointless waste of young lives in foreign conflicts that are not ours!
Win the applause of the nation, Mr Cameron – get us out ASAP!

Dumping the MRA should be no surprise!

The papers today are awash with the news that Mandatory Retirement Age is going to be done away with - and we’re all going to have to work harder. One of the earliest pension schemes was started in Germany by Bismarck – the politician not the battleship, over 120 years ago! He set the retirement age at 65 – working on the assumption that very few would be around to take advantage for too long after reaching retirement age.

Well, a 120 years later we are living longer and staying healthier and the pensions rules have got to change because we haven’t got the money to pay pensions for thirty years or more!

Now this has come as a big shock to the unions who are saying this isn’t fair and we will oppose it. Twaddle – the economists inside the big unions (yes, they really do have them) have known of this situation for the past 20 years to my knowledge and actuaries in the life insurance industry and the government have known even longer.

The problem is that we are all happy to take to pluses but don’t like it when they are taken away. Our reality is we are healthier and living longer so we should be rejoicing not moaning about having to work another year. Be grateful we are able to. When my grandparents were my age they were old worn out – not like me – I’m off to the disco this evening!

Seduction marries corruption

Isn’t it nice to be admired and have offers of love and devotion heaped upon you! Well, a very nice lady found out that all the care and affection that was showered upon her was for her bank account rather than herself.
Having met a guy over the internet, she started to have regular dates. She was 49 and single. Within weeks she had parted with her life’s saving and was in debt. Where was the man? He was off to the next ‘mark’.

A one and only case, not on your Nellie, apparently this is quite common according to the police. Among the  story lines they spin is that they are in the army in Iraq and need the money to help one of their injured comrades!

So if anyone is singing this story in your ear, tell them to get on their bike or better still call the police!
Enjoy the sunshine, BBQ and  football!

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