Give us a decisive leader please!

Posted on: 02 February 2010 by Mark O'haire

Now is the time for Britain to follow President Obama’s lead.

Have you seen the news this morning – I’m an early bird so get the state of the world at about 4:30am – an hour of TV and then up at the keyboard getting ready for the day. Still as my mum used to say ‘Keep moving and they won’t bury you by mistake!’.

I’ve never been a great lover of America and its wanton consumerism but they’ve got it right when it comes to making decisions. President Barack Obama has just published his Budget and has taken the knife to two of the Republicans’ sacred cows – taxes reductions for the rich and ‘the drain that swallows money’ – the space programme! Can’t afford it, won’t afford – they have to go!

On top of those he’s ‘whacked’ the banks for the money they got to save themselves after near bringing the world to the brink of bankruptcy– good for him! Wouldn’t it be nice to see some of that decisiveness from our illustrious leader – PM Brown? His dithering and twisting and turning instils no sense that he’s in charge or knows what to do next! He doesn’t even fake it well!

We need to let go of some of our sacred cows – wars that don’t belong to us; political correctness and the entire infrastructure that it spawns; benefits that stifle drive and ambition; gold plated pensions for civil servants.

Now if Mr Brown tackled these as a start we might start to believe we have a Leader to be proud of! And while he’s at it tackle the embedded greed in the City of London and that’s not just the banks – although he’d get a raucous cheer if he started with them!

Tip for Mr Cameron – if you win the next election be decisive that’s what we want to see in a leader – even if it hurts!

Am I wrong?

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