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Posted on: 06 November 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

From stocking-fillers to keepsake presents, our original suggestions are sure to please husbands, wives and youngsters.

Eva Solo Tea Brewer With Red Neoprene Cover

You can make tea in two different ways with the Tea Brewer. The jug features a patented filter system which guarantees the best result. Herbal tea leaves are tipped directly into the flask so the tea can infuse optimally, and the leaves are then strained off automatically when pouring.  Alternatively, tea leaves with tannin are placed in the filter holder and, once brewed, the plunger is fully depressed, thereby stopping the brewing process. It is also possible to make half a jug as the filter extends right down to the bottom.  The tea brewer also features a drip-free pouring lip and a flip-top lid which opens automatically when pouring. The neoprene cover keeps the tea hot while emphasising the beautiful, rounded shape of the flask.

Price: £53

Where to buy: www.amaroni.com

BreakfastKitVintage Style Breakfast Kit

Spotty mugs and breakfast accessories to brighten mornings, by Linea.

Price: £25

Where to buy: www.houseoffraser.co.uk

TreeCookieCutterChristmas Tree Cookie Cutter

Bake a full set of cookies, pile them up, dust with icing, stand back for the applause. Set of 10 cookie cutters. Parental supervision recommended.

Price: £12

Where to buy: www.aspaceuk.com

GlassBottleStopperPink & Blue Glass Bottle Stopper

This is a great gift for wine lovers. Each glass bottle stopper is made from a metal cone which has rubber rings to create an air tight seal, on top of this is a colourful glass leaf. Each stopper comes in a card presentation box.

Price: £4.99

Where to buy: The Prezzie Place at www.amazon.co.uk

Hangover PillowHangover Ayuverdic Pillow

Ease the morning-after blues with Himalayan herbs for purification and mental alertness. This ayurvedic pillow contains Himalayan herbs used by traditional healers to cure headaches, purify polluted minds, promote mental alertness and concentration, treat nausea, restore strength and courage and ward off evil spirits. The fresh and pungent herbs are enclosed in a cotton pillow liner and removable gold dupion silk pillow. Tuck the small pillow among other bed pillows to inhale the scents while in bed.

Price: £8.50

Where to buy: www.fairwindonline.com

Chopstick KidChopstick Kid

It's time for Chinese with Ease with the introduction of the fabulous Chopstick Kid! Simply slide the ends of those tricky chopsticks into Chopstick Kid and let him take over. By separating the back ends he tames the sticks to act like easy to use tongs. Chopstick Kid is colourful, soft, fully washable and food safe for a fun and practical gift. Great for kids and adults who suffer from chopstick based failures every time Chinese is on the menu!

Price: £5.95

Where to buy: www.GettingPersonal.co.uk

EasyHealthJuicerEasy Health Juicer

The Easy Health Juicer is ideal for sustainable living as it allows you to make tasty juices at home and with no electricity requirements it saves energy too.

Once attached to any smooth surface - and with no need for electricity or cables - this simple, quiet and robust device makes light work of producing delicious and nutritious drinks.

Product price: £29.95

Where to buy: www.ecoutlet.co.uk

Beer MachineBeer Machine

This one stop brewing machine makes brewing your favourite bevy as easy as brewing coffee. The Beer machine allows you to brew up a variety of international or domestic style beers! Easy to assemble and even easier to use; the beer machine comes with your first batch of 28x375ml servings of brew to store in your fridge, ready for serving to all your envious mates.

Price: £119.99

Where To Buy: www.drinkstuff.com

Gumball MachineLarge Gumball Machine

Dispensing gumballs, peanuts, jelly beans and more, the Large Gumball Machine works with most coins and is the perfect antique style model for your home. Comes with 200 gumballs.

Price: £39.99

Where To Buy: www.drinkstuff.com

Grow It - Tea & CoffeeGrow It - Tea & Coffee Gift Box

The humble cup of tea is a national institute but it's time to take this love one step further! An ideal gift for the tea and coffee lover amongst us, a chance to home grow your own tea leaves and coffee beans. The gift box includes: - 1 packet of coffee plant seeds, 1 packet of tea plant seeds, 5 starter growing pots made from coconut husk, 5 natural coconut husk compost discs, 5 wooden plant markers and tea and coffee growing tips.

Price: £12.95

Where To Buy: www.GettingPersonal.co.uk

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