Government plan for compulsory dog tax is simply barking mad

Posted on: 09 March 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

All dog owners in England and Wales face the prospect of paying £100s in fees under new government plans to insure pets against attacking people.

Is it just Labour politicians or are they all like it – mending things that aren’t broken?

The latest piece of nonsense is that the government is considering bringing in legislation forcing everyone with a dog to take out insurance. Why? I hear you ask – well, all the yobs who have bull terriers and the like are causing too many injuries on the great British public. The total number of attacks in the UK over the past year has been 100 per week – a doubling over 10 years.

So let’s get this straight – we are going to have to insure about 8million dogs at an annual cost of £4.8billion! They quote £600 per dog – which, I for one think is far too high. One thing’s for sure – the insurance industry will vote them back to power – this is Christmas come early for the struggling finance sector!

Have you ever heard such arrant nonsense in your life? The people who will obey the law will be the likes of you and me. The ones that don’t obey will be the very people who breed and keep these dangerous dogs – they won’t pay insurance for their dogs in the same way they don’t tax or insure their cars!

If this comes to pass then it’s nothing else but a tax on dog lovers.

The way to solve this is simple: all dangerous dog breeds must be insured or destroyed; having an uninsured dog is a criminal offence with two years in prison; as is training a dog to fight!

Focus the cost and the pain on those that do the damage not law abiding dog lovers. Sadly we can expect nothing more from a government that has run out of ideas?

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