How To Have A Green Wedding

Posted on: 29 April 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

If you want a wedding that won't cost the earth, you can save money, and the planet, by going green.

You might be getting married for the second time and want a more low-key wedding, or you might just want to live a more ethical life.

Either way, the rapid rise of charity wedding lists shows that many couples are opting for a more selfless, environmentally-friendly wedding, and with the likes of Prince Charles going organic on his wedding day, a need has developed for services which help people go one step further.

Many wedding planning companies are now catering for the environment-conscious couple, and can offer everything from fair-trade coffee and local flowers to offsetting honeymoon-flight carbon emissions.

You may think this sort of planning and attention to detail is just for the mega-rich but in fact, as one of the cornerstones of ethical living is to avoid over-consumption, having a green wedding planner can prove very cost-effective.

A Carbon Neutral Wedding

CO2balance Ltd can CarbonZero your wedding, or at least go some way towards carbon-balancing your wedding in various ways.

A CarbonZero wedding means that the amount of carbon dioxide created by you and your guests in celebrating your wedding will be compensated for by the planting of a suitable number of trees. Trees absorb more carbon dioxide in their lifetime than they produce, therefore offsetting your harmful effects to climate change.

CO2balance Ltd can advise you on how to reduce energy consumption during the preparations and the day itself, as well as CarbonZeroing your guests’ travel to the wedding and the reception party and the honeymoon flights. They can offer you your own page on our web site to which your guests can be directed to buy gift trees for you.

Rachel, the in-house wedding planner, can help you incorporate various elements of our services into your wedding and its preparations. You don’t have to completely CarbonZero the whole wedding, you might like to just CarbonZero parts of it.

An Organic Wedding

Hardly touched by modern life, these weddings from eco-friendly travel company Responsible Travel take place in a gem of an old manor farm buried in the half-tamed border countryside between England and Wales just as it has been for hundreds of years.

The entire wedding can take place here and guests have exclusive use of the hotel, which includes the Elizabethan room, Cruck Hall, Courtyard, Byre and 15 bedrooms.

This is the only wedding venue in the UK which is entirely dedicated to organic and environmentally friendly weddings. From its medieval banqueting hall through the flagged corridors to the grassed courtyard, it offer couples a unique, exclusive venue that always has the environment in mind.

Florists are requested to source flowers locally and where possible organic (even petal confetti). Plus only seasonal, organic food is served here and wedding breakfasts take place beneath the high vaulted ceiling of the great medieval hall or outside in the courtyard during the summer months.

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