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Posted on: 05 November 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Refresh your fashion and style with our advice from Colour Me Beautiful's Creative Director.

Veronique Henderson, Creative Director of Colour Me Beautiful and co-author of Colour Me Younger, offers advice on how to look younger and feel great.

How will the colours I should wear change as I get older? Do I just need to wear paler versions of colours that have always suited me?

As you get older, you will indeed need to move to softer colours and cooler - less yellow, more blue-based - colours.

Can I still wear black?

Some people - with dark hair and bright eyes for example - can always wear black. However black will make you look more severe and draw your face down.

Think of an older woman who insists on dying her hair black - this will look like a helmet, and she should soften her hair colour.

Ditto with the clothes - a charcoal or medium grey will be more pleasing to the eye than a solid black.

How can I wear pattern without looking like a clown?

Patterns are wonderful and can hide a multitude of sins, however make sure the colours suit you and as you get older these colours should become softer and cooler.

When wearing patterns make sure that they do not overwhelm you. The size of the patterns matters. Small bone structure means a small pattern; a larger bone structure can take bigger patterns.

Should I dye my hair, if I'm going grey or white? Or if I have dark hair do I need to go lighter?

There is nothing wrong with keeping your hair grey, as long as the hair is healthy and shiny and you have a wonderful haircut. You may want to enhance the colour with an appropriate rinse. If you want to hide the white hair coming out, block colouring might be the solution, or highlighting or lowlighting depending on your original hair colour. The general advice here is to go softer and cooler too.

What's the best way to dress for evening or during summer to hide chunky arms or a crepey décolletage?

Chunky arms can be elegantly hidden in a soft cardigan, shrug or wrap. Piling on the pearls will hide a crepey décolletage. Lace and voile are great fabrics for this purpose.

How can I dress to minimise my tummy?

Never wear a tight top or dress over the tummy. Something elegantly loose will do the trick. A pattern is a good way to disguise a tummy. Alternatively, draw attention to the neck area so that no-one looks at the tummy area.

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