Hung Parliament: Do the right thing, Mr Clegg

Posted on: 11 May 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Well you have got yourself in a pickle – haven’t you, Mr Clegg! I think your words were, ‘It is right that the party with the most votes and the most seats has the first right to seek to govern!’

That party, Mr Clegg, is the Conservatives, not Labour! Your distasteful playing off of the two is not a healthy strategy and will end in tears. I suspect this is all about keeping your Executive and MPs happy in the usual Liberal way – a lot of talk, posturing and bluster!

It could be that this is your ‘master plan’ to get Gordon Brown to resign his position as Premier and, if it is, well done, it worked! But if this ‘double dealing’ is so you can extract better terms for the Liberal Democrats then you have made a grave error of judgement!

A coalition with the Labour Party is not what this nation wants! Gordon Brown is a discredited leader in the eyes of the electorate. The Cabinet is ineffectual, bankrupt of ideas and severely lacking in talent! The Labour Party has had 13 years to sort out this country and yet we find ourselves burdened now with the highest national debt in history, continued economic decline and two wars that have cost billions of pounds and tens of thousands of lives. Is this not reason enough NOT to get into bed with them, Mr Clegg?

An alliance with Labour will have a terminal effect on the standing of the Liberal Democrats within the country and in history. You will bury what chance the Lib Dems have of being a credible political force in the future and you will put a burden on your children that they will carry the rest of their lives!

Get real Mr Clegg, do what the electorate have told you to do and forget your colleagues dreams of the future. You will better serve them and the Liberal Party by being strong and a man of principle! You must form a government with David Cameron and together move this country forward!

Do anything else and it will be a betrayal and you will be vilified for it!

Surely I am not the only person who is dismayed at the prospect of living under an unelected government. Let me know your views, mail me at

Meanwhile, as the arguments over the future of our government continue, Sky News Political editor, Adam Boulton loses his cool with former Labour spin king, Alastair Campbell.

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