Hung Parliament or minority cabinet: what is best for Britain?

Posted on: 05 May 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

We've reached the eve of the general election with a result too close to call\; do the politicians really believe that there are still voters undecided about who to put their mark against?

Many years ago Britain’s greatest actor was being interviewed by a journalist, ‘Sir Lawrence, to what do you owe your success?’, asked the scribe. ‘Sincerity, my boy, sincerity – once you can fake that, you can fake anything!’

Watching Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg on the hustings, reminded me of Olivier's little quote. Are we, the voters taken in by the cheesy smiles and disingenuous handshakes? I think not. We have become too cynical and wary of politicians to be suckered in by this.

So why do they do it? I put it down to the ‘media advisers’ whose job it is to get the cameras focused on ‘their’ man.

At this stage of the election, I think they should all pack up their ‘battle buses’ and go home and put their feet up. The election is over – 99% of voters know what they will do at the polling station tomorrow and a few more 'saccharine smiles’ is unlikely to affect the outcome.

The real fun starts on Friday as the results unfold and we see what we have decided the government should look like. I still believe we will have a Tory/Liberal pact, with Clegg and Vince Cable playing key roles.

Over the weekend, the Tories began pushing the view that Cameron will avoid any formal tie up and run a minority cabinet. He’s a brave man if he does as it will almost certainly fail when he attempts to push through his promised cuts. This is not a story to be dismissed; among the Conservative heavyweights briefing journalists is none other than Lord Heseltine - and you can be sure he wouldn’t forward this line unless Central Office had encouraged it.

With or without Clegg, David Cameron is soon going to have the chance to prove that he can walk it as well as talk it.

Gordon and Sarah will be wrapping up their china and glassware in time for the Pickford’s van to whisk them away from Downing Street. Yesterday, the press were quoting Brown as saying he would more than likely do charitable work and make a new career in this area. Watch out UNICEF – Gordon’s looking your way!

New York Bomber!

Times Square on a Saturday night - an old Nissan, an old alarm clock, some fireworks and a couple of jerry cans of petrol. The scene is set for a fire storm. Then a street vendor sees smoke and the alarm is off! Disaster avoided! New York gets back to normal.

Then we really see what good police work is like – within hours a suspect is taken off a plane to the Middle East as it is about to taxi down the runway. In less than 48 hours it’s all over except for the shouting as the Pakistani suspect confesses!

It’s a wrap - now that’s real police work!

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