Is the Gulf of Mexico's sea floor fractured beyond repair?

Posted on: 05 July 2010 by Mark O'haire

The Gulf of Mexico oil spill has conspiracy theory websites in overdrive as rumours circulate that a sea floor fracture is threatening 'ecological disaster beyond comprehension'.

Late last night a friend of mine sent me a link to CNNi web site, which I thought I should share with you. I have added the link so you can all go and look at it and judge for yourself.

In essence the story is this: a Russian scientist called Anatoly Sagalevich of the Shirshov Institute of Oceanography (SIO) has prepared a report for the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. In the report he asserts that the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico that BP are trying to plug is only part of the story. According to Anatoly there is a massive fracture in the ocean floor, near where the BP leak is located and that oil is pumping out of this at such a rate as to represent ‘an ecological disaster beyond comprehension’.

This discovery is as a result of the SIO being given permission to take a manned submersible down 5,000 feet to the ocean floor and filming the fault. The news clip carries the video clip of the filming. Apparently the US government only gave permission for the dive so long as the information was ‘not released to the America public or the media’. So much for that!

The SIO were called to the Gulf by BP to assess the extent of the damage and operate the only deep water submersible to have gone down to the leak area. BP wanted to gauge the damage and the risk to their long-term drilling operation. The oil reserves in the Gulf of Mexico are huge and are vitally important to the economic future of the USA.

Oil is spewing form 18 different fractures at a staggering rate of 2,000,000 gallons a day! At this rate the whole eco-system of the Atlantic Ocean will be polluted, with oil leaking in to it for the next 30 years. The alternative will be to stop by the detonation of an atomic device to effectively ‘cap’ the leak!

Oil experts involved in the assessment of this information say they ‘do not expect BP to last the summer!’.

Can this be real? Well, like all internet chatter, it should be taken with a large pinch of salt. That said, if it’s true then the world is facing an eco disaster never experienced in living memory and of monumental proportions.

From BP chief executive Tony Hayward’s point of view, it couldn't get any worse. He now has to think of saving his company from financial collapse rather than just plugging a leak! Pension fund managers with investments in BP will be scratching their heads to decide ‘whether this is for real’ and if it is, they will be exiting BP shares like prairie dogs running from a brush fire!

Only time will tell …

To read the CNNi’s story in full, click here 

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