It never rains but it pours

Posted on: 23 February 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Embattled PM Gordon Brown is again under media scrutiny after being accused of bullying. Is this haranguing of the Prime Minister indicative of the electorate's lack of respect and confidence in his leadership ability?

The weather today hasn't helped but our dear old friend Gordon Brown more than likely thinks it can't get any worse.

Last week he rallied Labour supporters and followers as he set the agenda for the General Election. 'A fairer world for all' was the chosen slogan and after the weekend conference in Coventry the party faithful were meant to go back to their constituencies and call the party to action. Oops!

The media obviously hadn't read the script; instead of the favourable headlines Brown was hoping for, the weekend papers (and then today's), all ran with the 'Brown is a bully' story.

Enter spin king Peter Mandelson. Talking on the Andrew Marr Show (Watch on BBC iPlayer), Mandy explains that this is a just storm in a teacup. Sorry Pete! No sooner had the interview finished than a charity set up to deal with bullying in the workplace alleged that the claims levelled at the PM are true and that they had counselled workers from No 10 regarding bullying.

Egg on the face for all at Mr Brown's elbow. Is this important for the future of the nation? Not really, many employers have at one time or another lost their rag at someone in the heat of the moment – and, as he pointed out at the weekend, our Gordon is 'only human'.

It occurs to me, the real issue here is not the bullying, it is the eagerness of people across society to do anything in their power to block Brown's run at the next Election. Is this jealousy?

I doubt it - the PM's job is a poisoned chalice so you can rule that out.

What this is all about is a campaign of negativity towards Gordon Brown. Most of this is based on the media presentation of Brown over the past 13 years - 11 as Chancellor of the Exchequer and two as Premier. If you put to one side all the cock ups and wanton waste of taxpayers' money, the electorate just don't respect him as a politician or leader. When you have such a total absence of confidence, it is time for someone in his inner circle to tell him to go.

Gordon Brown will take Labour to election defeat. If the party is to have any chance at all, a new leader must be found and quick. That begs the question: Is Labour ready to take this step?

The answer has to be a resounding, no! Instead, they will walk forth like turkeys for Christmas and after the election squabble for years as to whose fault it was. Only the electorate seems able to see that it is their own fault for leaving it too late to unseat Brown.

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