John Redwood sticks the boot into Cameron's coalition

Posted on: 28 May 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

New politics? Back bench backstabbing and embarrassment all round as Cameron's coalition takes its first expenses scandal squarely on the chin!

Well it didn’t take long, did it? We only had our new coalition government for a little more than three weeks before the long-forgotten Tory nearly man, John Redwood emerged from the shadows. This week, the former minister, whose politics are decidedly right of right, couldn't resist the lure of the cameras and the opportunity to create a little mischief. His ministerial career was pretty unspectacular and he is probably best known as the man who drew ridicule for attempting to bluff his way through the Welsh national anthem by miming, or as the guy who looks like Spock from Star Trek.

Redwood has seen a new chance for media fame! He’s objecting to the new Capital Gains Tax rates – even though formal confirmation has not been announced yet! He belongs to a dying breed of old school Tories, who have failed to embrace the change politics introduced by the Blairites and carried forward with equal vigour by the likes of Cameron and Clegg. As a cabinet member he was among a group of Eurosceptics, including Teresa Gorman and Teddy Taylor, that tolled the death knell for the John Major government and consigned the Conservatives to the political wilderness for 13 years - now there's loyalty for you.

Cameron had hoped they would stay in their boxes for a little while longer, so he could bed the new team down before the spats start. Well, it’s not to be – Redwood is first and no doubt he will ramble on until the tax rates are announced and when they are he’ll cry ‘Betrayal of Tory principles!’ and try to rally the extreme right to unravel the coalition.

We will start to hear similar calls of betrayal from the Liberal Democrats when one of their sacred cows is watered down or expunged from government policy. Where have these people been over the past few weeks while the election was running? The British rejected all three parties and sent a clear message to the disgraced collective of politicians that we wanted something different. Cameron and Clegg are trying to deliver this and while they are the rest of them should shut their mouths!

Give the guys a chance to sort out the mess that successive governments have made over the past 20 years. Just remember to look a little more closely at the skeletons in the cupboards of your candidates at the first reshuffle. Poor old David Laws has fallen at the first integrity hurdle with newspaper revelations that he has been claiming expenses for living in his partner's property. A cool £40,000 shows that while the politicians are trying their very best at a 'new kind of government' - they also like the comfort blanket of old style politics, too. 

Why do the Yanks always try to screw us?

Today Apple Computers launched their new iPad onto the British market. The top of the range model costs a whopping £699. In the US the very same model costs only $829. Now why is this? Over the years, I have always been aware that things in the US are cheaper than here, and very often it is dollar for pound difference. But with electronic equipment getting cheaper and cheaper with most of it being made in the Far East, surely we should get matched prices for matched goods. Maybe Apple would like to explain? Silence! The reason they do it is simple – we let them get away with it! Maybe a boycott is in order – let us older people wait for a cheaper competitor to come on the market – that’ll teach them! I think not – its young people that buy all the latest gadgets. Maybe the ‘squeeze to come’ will temper us paying over the odds for the latest ‘must have’ from America!


Take a look at this YouTube video shot is the mid-forties of the Ross Sisters!

Bet they can’t do that now!
Happy bank Holiday!

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