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Posted on: 13 February 2009 by Gareth Hargreaves

Kitty Neale On Living In Spain


Kitty Neale is an established bestselling author of Saga Fiction and has published ten novels to date.

After the tragic death of her son over 10 years ago, Kitty discovered writing as a form of escape and burying herself in the life of her characters helped to ease the pain.

In 2004 Kitty and her husband moved to Spain and her daughter shortly followed two years later in 2006. Kitty is now a well established member of the expat community on the Costa Blanca in Spain.

To ask Kitty a question about moving to Spain or her experiences of Spanish life email, leave a comment below or visit the 50connect forums.

Lost & FoundLost or Found is Kitty’s latest novel. 15-year-old Mavis Jackson is devastated when her only ally, her father Ron, moves away to beat his gambling addiction. Forced to walk the streets in search of junk to sell, the future seems bleak. Until an unexpected fairy godmother arrives - Edith Pugh. She needs help and Mavis is overjoyed to oblige and be regarded as useful for once. But when the true motives of Edith’s kindness are revealed, Mavis faces a monumental decision, one which could change her life forever.

Lost or Found is published by Avon on the 23rd July priced £6.99 and can be bought online at Amazon. 

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