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Posted on: 10 December 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

This gift card from zuuMedia makes a unique present for anyone who needs help and protection for their computer and its peripherals.

zuuMedia’s stylish CD gift card provides instant home computer support at the click of your mouse. It is the essential Christmas gift if you are giving or receiving any computer peripheral  - a digital camera, photoprinter, iPod or digital photo frame that needs installing or start up guidance.

zuuMedia’s gift card provides a friendly expert 24/7 who, working remotely, will take control of your mouse and guide you through the intricacies of that “easy to install and operate item”.

zuuMedia don’t just tell you how to fix the problem, they actually fix it for you, or they can show you how do things like create a photo slideshow or burn a music CD. Their amazing software allows your screen to be shared with their highly trained and courteous support staff.

Once logged on, you are immediately connected to a real person via your internet connection and support is given at the level you need and it is completely private and secure. You can watch and learn, if you want, what they’re doing and terminate the remote session any time you wish.

Members’ computer privacy is very important to them and, as well as including award winning security as part of the membership, they service your computer regularly to ensure it is up to date, fully protected and running optimally. Most people leave themselves exposed to security problems such as identity theft without even realizing it.  zuuMedia solves this problem.

zuuMedia membership offers incredible value for money. Research shows the lowest one off call out charge for a local computer technician would be around £30, with the inconvenience of waiting for an available appointment. zuuMedia offers instant, unlimited and easy unlimited support, 24/7 for only £8.99 a month!

This gift card from zuuMedia makes a very different and unique Christmas present for anyone who needs help and protection for their home computer and associated peripherals – which is most of us.

The business card shaped CD gift card gives the recipient a 3, 6 or 12 month membership of Instant Computer Support for £26.97, £49.45 and £98.89 respectively. zuuMedia are also throwing in an additional month’s membership for free! Additionally all memberships include an Award Winning Internet Security suite worth £29.99 per year.

The CD gift card is delivered in a beautiful high quality gold or black envelope either to your address or to the recipient’s and contains easy to follow instructions on how to get started.

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To purchase a gift card simply log on to 

Order by December 17th for delivery in time for Christmas.

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