Mike Brewer Shares His Motoring Delights

Posted on: 27 October 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Motoring expert and star of Wheeler Dealers On The Road Mike Brewer shares his motoring tales with 50connect.

Born in London and now living in Oxford, the 44-year-old is a former British car trader turned motoring presenter having been part of the Driven, Deals On Wheels and Pulling Power television programmes.

Growing up, Mike attributes his motoring passions to his dad and family DNA with engines appearing where a traditional English breakfast is more likely to be found.

“When I was very young my dad was a car customiser. We had V8 engines on the kitchen table and exhausts leaning against the wall,” Mike says.

“I was fascinated by it and by him. When I got a bit older, in my teenage years I got much more interested in women so I didn’t think about cars much but when I got older, I realised I knew loads about cars - more than most people. I think I have it in my DNA.”

To forge a career in the motoring industry Mike decided to follow his dad’s path and moved into car dealing.

“I come from a family of natural born sellers. I’m one of six kids and we all have a natural ability to sell so I combined that with my love of cars and became a car dealer.”

Surprisingly, the character Arthur Daley was also an inspiration.

“My dad was a big influence in terms of car buying but also when I was growing up, I loved Minder and I think George Cole was a big influence, playing a car dealer; I grew up in that kind of industry so I could identify with it.”

His successful career in car dealing led to an approach from Channel 4 over 11 years ago, to front a new television show, triggering his seamless move into presenting.

“I got into presenting back in 1997 when I was approached by them. They were looking for a car dealer for their new show Deals On Wheels. They wanted to follow a car dealer in his job and they wanted to film me.”

“I didn’t want them to film me so I ended up being a consultant on the show. The next year they decided they wanted a presenter on the show so I did a screen test and got the job!”

And Mike admits he’s been very lucky in his new occupation with plenty of thrilling experiences that even the King of Sweden missed out on.

“I’ve been very lucky as I’ve ticked most boxes on brilliant motoring experiences. I think the ultimate highlight must be that I’ve driven a Formula 1 car - Damon Hill’s Arrows car in 2000/01,” he says.

“I was going so fast and I was allowed to do 24 laps of the Magny-Cours circuit in France on my own!”

“I’ve also driven world rally cars too, and I was the first ever person to drive across the longest bridge tunnel in the world, between Belgium and Sweden - even before the King of Sweden!”

So what car does Mike drive today? What was his dream car? Those questions can are all answered by his current classic Volvo P1800e.

“The car has been my childhood dream. I love the classic 60s shape. It’s got no fault to it and I’ve just done a complete restoration on it so it’s just like new.”

“It evokes memories of Roger Moore in The Saint and when I was a kid I wanted to be Roger Moore, I wanted to be The Saint. It’s an iconic car, it’s stunning.”

Away from motoring, Mike’s passions are at home, spending time with his wife and daughter, as well as travelling, but the motoring fanatic cannot leave without offering car drivers some essential advice during the current financial situation gripping the nation.

“It’s the cheapest time ever to buy a used motor. I can’t think of any other time that cars have represented such value for money.”

“The economic downturn means that the dealerships have some fantastic deals at the moment. They are almost giving the cars away so if you’re thinking of buying a motor then do it now!”

Mike Brewer will be presenting Wheeler Dealers On The Road this Tuesday and every Tuesday on Discovery Real Time at 9pm.

Did you ever drive a classic Volvo P1800e? What was your dream childhood car? Do you agree with Mike's choice?

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