Nick Clegg continues his impressive rise to prominence

Posted on: 25 April 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

One month ago Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats, was referred to dismissively as 'Vince Cable's assistant'. Now, after two head to heads with his main rivals, he is showing himself to be a credible statesman.

As usual I have just watched the Andrew Marr Show – essential Sunday morning viewing. As well at the usual weekly views on the progress of the election there was a long interview with ‘man of the moment’, Nick Clegg.

Now I have never been impressed with the Liberal Democrats – all the ones I have come across in my life have been verbose, self opinionated and indecisive. This man is different - he’s impressive! He has formulated policies that are well thought out and designed to appeal to the middle ground of politics - all of which make admirable sense (given that the current voting system is weighted against the Lib Dems).

Anyone watching this interview would be foolish not to consider him as a Prime Minister. Could this happen? It is still unlikely but there is no doubt he will play an important role in the future government of this country.

His views on the nuclear deterrent are not everyone’s but the rest of his ideas are very sound. What role he will take in a coalition is anyone's guess  but, whatever it might be, he is going to make his mark on our lives. We may be witnessing the end of the Labour party as one of the two main parties. Time seems to have moved on and the traditional ground of Labour is being taken by Nick and his gang - just as the Tories were usurped by New Labour in the mid-90s.

Only time will tell what happens after 6th May but if my gut feeling is right we are going to have a Tory/Liberal government with Clegg, Cable and Hoon playing important roles.

Will it work? More than likely and one thing is for sure it can’t be worse than electing Gordon Brown and re-electing Labour!
Stupid beyond compare!

Miliband forced to apologise over papal visit insult

It has been long considered in the corridors of power that only the very brightest of our university graduates are taken into the Foreign Office. Well, this dictum has crashed to the ground with news that our ‘brightest of the bright’ have circulated  a paper relating to the Pope’s visit next year, which at best is stupid and at worse grossly irresponsible.

I have never been a great supporter of the Catholic Church but at the same time I don’t think it needs to be held to ridicule by a load of privileged intellectual yobs at the Foreign Office. Religion is a very sensitive issue in the today's world and tensions do not need exacerbating by this irresponsible behaviour.

This document is supposed to be the result of 'blue sky thinking', but to suggest that the Pontiff might consider opening an abortion clinic, launch a range of Benedict-branded condoms or a helpline for abused children is so incomprehensible that it beggars belief.

Foreign Secretary, David Miliband has announced that the 'junior members of staff' concerned (how convenient) have bee moved to other duties. One way or another these fools must be dismissed before they do more damage!

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