Obama rages at BP but remains silent on Gaza flotilla killings

Posted on: 06 June 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Oil spill or blood spill? Obama has loses his way after Israeli criminal acts.

Well it’s all happening today! We have US President, Barack Obama, coming out strong and hard against BP, and Labour leadership hopeful Ed Balls now saying we have too many eastern European immigrants. Meanwhile, Israel continues unashamedly in its attempts to justify the deaths of activists aboard the Mavi Marmara earlier in the week and the boss of the Unite union (leading the fight against British Airways) - has popped off on his hols – this is the man who said he’d be available day and night to sort the strike for the ‘sake of the nation!’.

America first – Obama has been attacking BP over the oil spill, playing the tough ‘butch’ president to pacify his critics. Maybe he should remember who his allies are in the US’s silly wars. Maybe he should remember the Bhopal chemical catastrophe in India, or the de-forestation in North and South Vietnam.

Maybe he should remember it was an American oil rig company that had the blow out on the oil well. Maybe he should remember that it was his administration that granted the licenses to tap the deep sea fields with full knowledge of the risks. Maybe he should remember the tax dollars BP pay to the US. There are people to blame and people to pay but as of yet it’s not clear who or how much. So, Barack, please shut up! We know you’ve got midterm elections to win but don’t do it at our cost. Don’t forget your friends on the way up – you’ll need them on the way down!

Ed Balls (Balls by name, balls by nature!) has just realised that we have let too many immigrant workers into the UK. Pretty rich coming from the man who had Gordon Brown’s ear for 15 years. Why was Mr Balls so lacking in conviction that he was unable to allow us to benefit from his insight and wisdom while he was in government? 

The Middle East again dominates the news with the Gaza flotilla killings. Israel has proved itself to be a very troubled nation! Sticking slick media managers out in front of the cameras to command the news agenda after its military has committed another human rights atrocity only emphasises the crass disregard Israel has for the international community. When will the rest of the world’s leaders do something to stop this outrageous behaviour?

In the past 12 months we have seen similar, though less violent, confrontations in international waters off the Somali coast; these incidents were recognised for what they were – simple acts of hijacking, piracy and kidnap. Why is it that Benjamin Netanyahu's administration sees its position so significantly different that it is willing to sanction the killing of nine civilians by special forces troops? 

And finally – Tony Woodley leader of Unite union, who has been fighting with British Airways over staff rights, has gone on holiday. Remember, this is the man who said he will talk, “any place and any time to settle the dispute”. Well, if BA management wants to talk to resolve the dispute, they will have to travel – if they can get a flight, that is!  One thing is certain, his travel arrangements will not include a British Airways’ Concessionary Ticket.

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