Older is Wiser - I very much hope so!

Posted on: 27 March 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

50connect has been around for almost 10 years\; it is popular and entertaining with a great community. Along with sister site, Older is Wiser, our aim is to provide ‘a social network for grown ups’ free from ‘younger generation intrusion’ – a place for us!

It’s a little over six months ago that we took over 50connect. In that time I’ve learned a lot – and technology comes slow to me! Terms like PPC, SEO, ‘above the fold’, digitize are now starting to make sense as our team unfold their plans to develop the site further.

We have rolled out a number of enhancements – my blog is one, but if that is an improvement I’m not sure. There’s a new look to the site and the Forums are better managed; We've also introduced a lot more topical and relevant content. Big changes to 50connect will occur when we move to a new platform later in the summer.

Ever since web technology first appeared in the mid 90s I have had a consuming belief that it has massive potential for society as a whole but for older people (like me!) in particular. In the past decade we have seen the gradual inroads the web has made to our society – shopping online; entertainment information and ticket purchase; medical advice; travel and booking capability; social networking; online education; social activity and making new friends.

All of this has evolved in little more than 10 years and the pace of development is getting ever faster. Instead of cabinet-sized computers plugged into your telephone socket we now have slimline screens running wirelessly from a small computer server that connects through the ether using broadband technology.

We can now (if you are so inclined) download music, as well as films and videos, to your computer, or IPod and even your mobile phone. Within a couple of years all of this will be naturally fed through to you flat screen TV and controlled from a wireless keyboard with you sitting in your favourite chair.

Now for the likes of you and me these facilities will be less attractive than they are to younger family members. However as the generations relentlessly roll forwards the ease of use of these services will make them attractive even to the like of us. They will no longer be ‘gadgets’ but will become tools that make our lives safer, easier and more enjoyable.

A few weeks ago I told you of our plans to add other websites to this one. Well the ‘build’ of this new site is now under way and we should have the ‘beta’ version online for you to play with in about 10 weeks. The site will be called: olderiswiser.com and will be tailored to deliver facilities and service to our members. Our aim is to provide ‘a social network for grown ups’; enabling you to link up with your friends and family seamlessly in an environment that is free from ‘younger generation intrusion’ – a place for us!

We will have massive picture and video storage capacity as well as the ability to transmit live video casts. There will be a bespoke area for you to set up clubs or special interest groups for you to organize online using our technology. The list goes on and I’m only giving you part of the story at this stage.

We want you to be part of this new development and would like your help. I am keen to meet up with users of 50connect and get to know you and get your ideas and input to what we are planning. You   have an ongoing role in helping us build, what I believe will be a tremendous resource to older people in the UK. The more the merrier – so please drop me a line and we will arrange to link up. My email address is set out below – don’t be shy I want to listen to your needs and ideas.


Until tomorrow – have a nice day.


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