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Posted on: 27 June 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Listen to live radio for free on your computer anywhere in the world.

You can now listen to radio programmes from anywhere on earth thanks to the internet.

Today, several thousand radio stations stream their broadcasts over the web, meaning they can be heard live anywhere in the world without static, fading or interference, using a computer connected to the internet by broadband and some speakers.

Below is a selection of the UK’s top radio stations with links to their websites, offering free, live internet on your computer.

BBC Radio 1 – the latest chart toppers repeated a little too often for our tastes.

BBC Radio 2 – the home of Wogan, Vine, Wright and Ross.

BBC Radio 3 – arts and culture, classical music and much more.

BBC Radio 4 – intelligent chat, news, drama and much more.

BBC Radio 5 Live – live news and sport from the BBC.

BBC 6 Music – plays contemporary music.

BBC 7 – a new digital channel featuring comedy, drama and more.

BBC World Service – news in 43 different languages from all over the world.

BBC Asian Network – interesting news, chat and features from an Asian perspective.

Virgin Radio – the latest hits, all time classics, no repeats and more.

Talk Sport – talk about sport until your ears explode.

Jazz FM – create that coffee shop feel in the comfort of your own home. Classic and contemporary jazz.

Classic FM – soothing strings and blissful harmonies to get you through the day.

Gold – classic hits, friendly banter and much more.

Capital Radio – today’s hits mixed with blasts from the past.

VH1 – listen online to classic hits from the satellite channel.

LBC – London’s commercial news and speech station.

What radio station do you listen to? If it's not on the list then let us know in the comment box below. Alternatively,  share your thoughts in the 50connect forums.

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