Order is restored in Westminster

Posted on: 16 May 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

The furore is over, the posters are down, the TV crews have dismantled their kit and the land is at peace, again. Hallelujah! Yes, the election is over and done. Now, was it good for you and did you have a cigarette afterwards?

I enjoyed my election – mainly because the outcome was as I predicted and exactly what I hoped for! The ‘Davick’ team is now in post and doing very good song and dance routines for the media. Personable, young, energetic and convincing were used as their descriptors as the week panned out!

We had pictures of the first cabinet meeting and the gradual announcements (and leaks) of actions they were agreeing or proposing to get the country back on its feet! Initial responses from voxpop interviews with the public were all positive – even when the net effect on their income was negative. All too good so far.

Vanquished Gordon Brown got on a plane with his family and went home to Scotland and not a word has been heard since – that’s a very good outcome in itself! Normally I don’t usually revel in someone else’s misfortune but in his case I will make an exception.

What I found most surprising was the changeover of government – Gordon on the steps of No10 , off to the palace with young David quickly following and it’s all over. Seamlessly, as this was unfolding the Labour ministers were bidding farewell to their civil servants and clearing their desks. The following morning new minsters took over. Done and dusted!

So what’s next? Well, we’re going to be bored into oblivion by the Labour party electing a new Leader. I don’t know why they’re rushing it’s going to be at least a decade before they cross the threshold of No 10, except as visitors!

So far we have the Miliband brothers throwing their hats in the ring (Ed and Dave –the ‘Daved’ duo) as potentials! No doubt we will see Ed Balls entering the fray. Others will follow and we will be bored endlessly! My prediction is we will see the beginning  of a new political dynasty – The Milibands  - with the aspirations of the Kennedys. By the end of the summer – David Miliband will be Leader and Ed his deputy – that’s my prediction. Frankly, I don’t care who wins, so long as they keep out Brown’s crony, Ed Balls.

Well, I’ve had my Sunday rant and feel all the better for it. Now it’s time for my ablutions, a good ‘egg and bacon’ breakfast, the Andrew Marr Show and a day in the office. Until the next time!

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