Other People's Husbands

Posted on: 10 July 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

A gloriously witty contemporary new novel from this ever-popular bestselling author.

When does a twenty five year age difference become too much?

When you are young, a twenty-five-year age gap isn't a worry in a relationship. But what happens when you get older?

Especially when the senior partner has decided that it would be good to die before he gets seriously decrepit, and too dependent on his wife.

Sue's mother told her she shouldn't marry Conrad - and now he seems to be spending his time sorting out his chaotic life. Facing (apparently) the end of his time, she finds herself distracted.

Teaching at local art college, Sue finds that she has plenty of male company - other people's husbands, ones she tells Conrad all about, who are just good friends. But there's one - just one - who she, somehow, doesn't get round to mentioning...

Once again showing her acute eye for social comedy and contemporary relationship issues, Judy Astley weaves together a light-hearted novel which will keep her readers guessing to the end.

Judy Astley has been writing novels since 1990, following several years as a dressmaker, illustrator, painter and parent. She has two grown-up daughters and lives happily with her husband in London and Cornwall.

Other People's Husbands, by Judy Astley, published by Bantam Press 14th July 2008, is available at all good bookshops, RRP £10 (hardcover), or online from Amazon for £7.

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