Passionato Launches Classical Music Download Service

Posted on: 13 November 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Claim 10 free downloads as the world’s largest collection of high-quality classical music downloads launches in the UK.

Passionato has launched the world’s most comprehensive online classical music resource, providing access to catalogues from the largest major classical record labels as well as the key classical independent labels.

The free service with no subscription gives classical music lovers the opportunity to browse, sample and download single tracks, works or albums from its online catalogue of classical music recordings.

To coincide with Passionato’s launch, everyone who registers at can claim 10 free downloads, one of which is which is an entire 30-minute work such as Saint-Saens' Symphony No.3.

Tracks are available from the online store in superior audio quality (320kbps MP3 or lossless FLAC) and all of the music is DRM-free.

This means all music purchased on Passionato can be transferred to any computer or portable audio player, including iPods, or burnt to a CD without any restrictions.

Passionato’s online store also allows users to listen to samples of up to 60 seconds of every track in its catalogue, and to browse by composer, by artist or by nationality and record label.

In this way, users can roam Passionato’s store freely, discovering new recordings without having to pay a penny. The Passionato Store also features the Passionato team’s own expert recommendations on highly rated works, thousands of reviews from national media and specialist music publications, and a regularly updated chart.

Once signed up, new Passionato users will download the free Passionato Player software, specifically developed to help users organise their existing classical CDs alongside tracks purchased online through the Passionato store.

The online store offers an unprecedented level of recording information which users receive when they download a track, work or album, and also when they import their own CD libraries to their computers.

Post-launch Passionato will continue to sign-up more independent labels, and to add new releases from the key major and independent labels on a weekly basis.

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