'Penitent sinner' Brown unmasked by bigot gaffe on Labour campaign trail.

Posted on: 29 April 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Praise the Lord! Yesterday the fleece finally fell from the shoulders of Gordon Brown and the wolf was exposed for all to see. In less than 100 words Brown put the last nail in the coffin of his ambitions as he called a stalwart Labour supporter a bigot!

In those moments in the car as he drove away he peeled off the smiling face and we heard exactly how he considers the voter and particularly his Labour faithful. Poor Gillian Duffy  – all she had done was to be wheeled in front of the PM to have a chat and help show that Brown really does care what we, as voters, think!

Mrs Duffy had the temerity to ask Brown what he was going to do about all the immigrant; he responded and moved on, leaving the area in his bullet proof limousine - with the radio microphone still live!

The next 100 words of conversation with one of his aides, qualified all that has been said about Brown and his personality! The media were on him like a pack of dogs! A little later, the PM held his head in dejection and prostrated himself as a 'penitent sinner' when his indiscretion was exposed in a conversation on a local radio show.

Directly after this he’s in the car again to go around to see Mrs Duffy in her home and explain how sorry he was , how stressed he was, how caring he was, how understanding he was, and how he ‘truly’ understood the views of the bigot Duffy!

It was too much too late, the damage was done. Even if Gordon Brown divorced his wife and married Mrs Duffy it wouldn’t change a thing. Labour voters now know what he really is like and how he sees the world. So does the media and all rest of us! He is no leader for the United Kingdom!

In history books of the future those 100 words will be highlighted as the moment when the wounded wolf, cornered in Rochdale, was put out of his misery by a volley of journalist’s words and sound bites! Brown is dead and thank the Lord!

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