Pet Of The Month April 2008

Posted on: 02 May 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Enter the 50connect Pet of the Month Competition for the chance to win a personalised photo prize featuring your pet.

View all our member's pets for this month below.




















Woofie and Maddie 





Woofie & Maddie








Is Your Pet A Star?

If the answer is yes then send a photo to the 50Connect Pet Of The Month competition.

All entries will feature in the Pet Gallery so even if your furry or scaly friend isn't the winner, they can still have their moment of glory!

The winner each month will receive a personalised photo prize featuring their winning pet, supplied by

Submit your pet by emailing us here. (This will open an email in a new window.)


Have Your Say And Vote For The Winner!

Have your say and let us know who you think should win the Pet Of The Month Competition.

To have your say all you need to do is email us here.

Make sure you put the name of the pet you would like to see win in the subject of the email.

Remember to choose carefully because there is a prize at stake!

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Last Month's Winner: Maddie, Lisa Smith's pet





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