Please save us from a hung parliament

Posted on: 11 March 2010 by Mark O'haire

As the old saying goes ‘only two things in life are certain – death and taxes!’ David Cameron should be reflecting on this at this time in his life.

Just over a year ago the press, pundits and opinion polls were predicting a landslide Tory election win with the Tories a staggering 26% ahead of Labour and light years ahead of Nick Clegg and the Liberals.

Last weekend the Sunday Times poll showed that Labour and the Tories were neck and neck in the marginal constituencies – the ones that Cameron must win to get a majority and form a government.

Where did it all go wrong? From my chair it’s pretty obvious - the ‘Cameron and Osborne Team’ has just not got the messages over in the past 12 months. The poor old voter just doesn’t have a clear picture of what they stand for (other than the needed alternative to Brown and Labour) or what their policies are! Like a lot of modern politicians they seem to think all the electorate want is ‘appropriate’ sound bites and that will keep everybody happy.

How wrong they are – after being beaten about the head with a cataclysmic banking crisis and savings’ account interest disappearing over night; after the expenses scandal of MPs and Lords and the blatant abuse of power; after the bailing out of the ‘ego driven’ banking sector with taxpayer’s money; after the obscene bonuses still being paid to bankers – a lot of it with taxpayers money - and finally the continuing death and destruction in a war that most of us don’t want, it’s hardly surprising we want a clear picture of the future.

David Cameron just doesn’t seem to get it! We are fed up with lies, deceits, flimflams, men of no substance and con men. What we’d like is a party with a clear vision of where we are all going and what the journey is going to cost and a leader with honesty and integrity to get us there. Someone who will kick distracters aside!

Is David Cameron that man? Many thought so, but now seem to be having second thoughts. His handling of the Ashcroft Affair is abysmal to say the very least and downright deceitful at the extreme. How could he allow it to get so out of control without seeing the damage it was doing to his chances of being Prime Minister? This lack of judgement puts a big question mark over his judgement.

Can the situation be saved? Yes it can and here is a five point plan to electoral success!

  1. Get Ashcroft to resign his positions ‘For the sake of the Party’
  2. Bring Haig and Clark out to the frontline
  3. Issue an unambiguous list of key policies
  4. Tell the electorate what it’s going to cost
  5. Announce how you are going to pay for it - taxes and spending reductions
  6. Get rid of the cronies and hangers on that add nothing to you plan
  7. Finally – fire the ‘spin doctors’

Do all these and do them quick and you still have a chance of winning.

Please God save us from a hung parliament or worse still another term of Brown!

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