Poacher turned gamekeeper

Posted on: 16 August 2010 by Editor at Large

Prime Minister David Cameron has just announced that Sir Philip Green, billionaire owner of retail giant The Arcadia Group Limited, will lead a ‘star chamber’ looking at government spending over the past three years. This is ahead of the next ‘comprehensive spending review’ in the autumn.

If you think the cuts so far have been severe, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Green is renowned for being a tough businessman who squeezes every last penny out of a deal. I imagine he will have palpitations when he starts to pore over the Labour government’s accounts.

I think nightmares will be in order for Sir Philip as he relaxes on his 208 ft, £32 million yacht Lionheart moored in Monaco. After a long hard week in London, he flies there in his Gulf Stream jet. Now here’s a man who knows how to spend money on the important things in life.

Sir Philip is no tax exile, but his wife is. It appears that she has nominal ownsership over The Arcadia Group that owns BHS, Burton, Topshop and more. There really is true love in this world!

Poor old Vince Cable is wincing over this one. One of his lifelong bugbears has been tax exiles.

From our point of view this is all good. Sir Philip Green is the perfect choice to go through the Gordon Brown’s accounts. Let’s hope that he isn’t too far in debt to our Gordon for the Knighthood he got in 2006. Perish the thought.

A new ‘culture’

Jeremy Hunt

Jeremy Hunt, Minister of Culture has just announced that his department will be moving offices. His is too big and too expensive. Well done that man.

The current offices costs a staggering £10 million a year in rent and £3000 a week to heat. The 95,670 square foot office houses most of the 600 staff currently employed (although this number is going to be cut by up to 50 per cent). Therefore each of them have a 160 sq feet each, assuming they all work in London (which they don’t.) At £50 a square foot, each employee costs us £8000 a year in rent alone.

I take my hat off to Jeremy. Let’s hope other ministers follow suit. Gradually the ‘new light’ will start shining through the corridors of Whitehall and the wanton waste of Blair, Brown and their cronies will be stopped. God forgive me for voting for them in 1997.

By the way our central London offices cost us £48 per square foot, but this includes, rent, council tax, heating and lighting, cleaning and insurance. If any government department head needs any tips on renting space they should talk to our Head of Admin.

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