Political naiveté embarrasses new coalition government

Posted on: 22 July 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Clameron duo, Nick Clegg and David Cameron, get fingers burnt by two wars with clumsy political gaffes.

Oh dear, coalition double act David and Nick had a bad time yesterday! While in the US visiting Barak Obama, David Cameron foolishly commented that the UK was very much the junior partner in the Second World War! Oops, not the thing to say if you are surrounded by journalists looking for a good story.

Across the water, Nick Clegg was having his big day as the first Liberal leader (since the 1920s ) to stand at the dispatch box in the Commons and answer Prime Minister’s Questions. Clegg made the mistake of challenging Jack Straw on the issue of his future memoirs and how he would square his involvement in the ‘illegal’ Iraq war! Oops  – according to the then Solicitor General the war was legal and David Cameron and the Conservatives voted for it (smacked hand for the coalition's junior partner when David gets home!).

All in all, it wasn’t a good day for the ‘coalition twins’ and the press and media had a heyday! Every news channel and front page carried the story. You can imagine the hysterics in the Smith Square area as the Lib and Tory spin merchants set about damage limitation – and of course justify their enormous salaries!

In spite of the furor it doesn’t matter a jot! Let’s get real, both of these guys are new to the job and are working in an environment that is just waiting for them to make a wrong move. The media circus will trumpet that it was all a big mistake and the ‘coalition’ is doomed. For my money it is working and doing pretty well so far.

In the two months this government has been in power they have made many of the tough decisions that needed to be made. They have stopped and reversed numerous crazy Labour ideas and policies and have started to get through to the great British public and make them understand that we are in a serious pickle which needs to be sorted pronto.

Two slips of the tongue do not a crisis create – David Cameron wasn’t even a twinkle in his father’s eye when the war was going on and he is certainly no historian. Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats on the other hand have opposed the Iraq war from the outset and have always regarded it as illegal.

Yes Cameron and Clegg are working together for all our benefit but they don’t have to suspend their beliefs into the bargain. They are trying hard for all our sakes and so far doing a bloody good job. So Mr Media Man leave them to get on with it – what they are doing is far more important than the tabloid tittle tattle you are peddling.

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