Political spin doctors lie low in readiness to pounce on Darling's budget

Posted on: 17 March 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

The canter to No10 for David Cameron now looks like wishful thinking with opinion polls suggesting one of the most keenly contested elections in decades.

Have you noticed how few headline stories the newspapers and news programmes are carrying?

I wonder why?

Could it be that the ‘spin merchants’ of the political parties have had such a drubbing from their masters that they are sitting this week out and all waiting to attack the budget!

Over the past week the party leaders have been trotting out their wives to front them and appeal to the ‘family vote’ – do they really think this fools the seasoned voter?
The platitudes about their partners are really quite sickening – they chose these guys to marry so it’s likely they’ll say nice things! But do I want to hear them – no!

The Budget will set the tone of the election. It will also trigger the global reaction of the financial sector to how they see the UK as a horse to bet on. If Darling gets this one wrong then I think the ensuing media coverage will take away any Labour gains in the polls over the past couple of weeks. If the reaction is good then Cameron is going to have to work hard to counter and gain the high ground again.

Nick Clegg on the other hand is going to be sitting pretty – most of the policies he has put forward will go down well with the financial world except the delay is cutting the nation's deficit.

It’s all to play for: New (but battered) Labour – can they really win again –I think not. Cameron, Osborne and the Tories (Osborne will get dumped if they win) still have a fighting chance but need to pull their fingers out pretty quickly! Or will it be ‘Hung Parliament Clegg’ – the outsider who seems to be making a great effort as they come around the bend!

Time will tell – for my money I think it will be the Tories but only by a whisker, which means another General Election in a couple of years. Well – it’ll give me something to jot about.

Until tomorrow – have a god day and if you have time comment below or drop me a line:

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