Prime ministerial TV debate to determine outcome of the election?

Posted on: 14 April 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

The politicians are promising a bright new post-election future - how very original! However, to earn my vote they need to stop the flannel and give me some concrete policies.

David Cameron has called upon the nation to join him in creating a ‘New Society’ separate from government. Sign up and become part of this new movement! If you are on the Conservatives' mailing list you will have received emails and podcasts calling you to action. As one of your first duties of this new order you must recruit some friends – a bit like pyramid selling from the Sixties!

A good idea – more than likely! Over the past 40 years we have been more and more centred on what’s in it for us and not what is good for society as a whole. The question is will he make this work? The campaign hopes to mimic Barak Obama’s ‘Yes we can!’ success, which swept him to the US Presidency in 2008.

Cameron is no Obama! Does he have the vision, drive and ambition – and the ego to get him into Number 10? If he does then he may just be the Leader we need for the next 10 years. Time will tell?

Over the past 100 years we have only had four great leaders – Churchill, Baldwin, Attlee and Thatcher (Blair might have made it had he not embarked on his silly war!). All in their own way were charismatic, and all had egos the size of elephants!

Does Cameron measure up to them? Does he have the thirst for power? If he does then he had better show it soon; polls today give him a 6 point lead and that is only just enough to earn him the largest party in parliament – not the overall majority.

Nowt queerer than folk!

This is turning out to be a very funny election. Until six months ago the Tories had a seemingly unassailable lead but now find themselves nearly level pegging with Labour. Nick Clegg has nurtured a healthy 20% of the vote and will hold the power in his hands if there is a hung parliament!
Cameron’s position may improve over the next week as people start to read and understand the content of the Tory manifesto. Tomorrow night we have the first of the televised prime ministerial debates with the three leaders slugging it out against each other. If Brown is on form as he could deal a terminal blow to Cameron's campaign. On the other hand if the Conservatives leader manages to rattle Brown on the state of the economy it might be enough to carry the election. Everything is still there to play for and this is sure to be good television. Whoever comes over as the convincing leader will be the next Prime Minister. So let the gloves come off and may the best man win.

My money is on the Tories for vision and policies and leadership but I’m yet to be convinced that Cameron has the wherewithal to wrest power from Brown. Let’s talk again on Friday.

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