Raoul Moat is not a hero

Posted on: 15 July 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Amid a frenzy of media and public self-righteousness David Cameron stands up against the misguided adoration of murderer Raoul Moat.

Well done Mr Cameron! I’m not alone in my views about the edification of Raoul Moat since his suicide. David Cameron yesterday reminded both media and public that Moat killed one person and has maimed two others.

This morning I hear that he is demanding that Facebook (the social networking site) take down a commemorative page to Mr Moat. Good for him but Facebook remain adamant that they are leaving it up. Have we really got our values so wrong that we champion murderers?

Since his death tapes have found their way into the media in which Moat is heard asking Newcastle Social Service (NSS) for help. These are being used to further try and demonstrate that he was the victim. As it turns out NSS did have an assessment done by a consultant but no action was taken. This consultation though was in connection to the care of Moat’s children who were referred to social services regarding their care.

All well and good – Mr Moat had issues that he recognised and was asking for help that he didn’t subsequently get. Even so this is no excuse to go around shooting people.

There are many of us who have issues concerning anger control and aggression but if we all solved our 'so called' problems by taking a gun and shooting those who have supposedly harmed us, then society would be in a fine mess.

No Mr Moat you were wrong and so are the people trying to make you look a hero!

My birthday present!

Tomorrow’s my birthday and according to the calendar I’m 66 but I know this is wrong as I’m really 52 (well except when I try to tie my shoe laces!). On my desk was my first present – or so I thought. In the packet was a nice case bound book entitled ‘’The Preserving Book’. My first thought was it was about living longer and looking good then I realised the prunes on the front cover were pickled!

Published by Dorling Kindersley with the Soil Association it’s a 350-page idiot’s guide to preserving, potting, conserving, smoking and pickling. It’s a great read and makes a great present. As with all DK books the illustrations and photography are excellent and it’s worth a read even if you don’t ever pick up a jam thermometer!

I’ve always been a ‘foodie’ – it’s the only shopping I enjoy but alas I am prohibited as my trips around Tesco’s usually end up with a trolley of goodies which mostly go out of date within a week!  With this book however, I’ll be able to forage all the veg and fruits from the garden and turn them in to something other than compost, which is what usually happens!

So what kind friend of mine gave me this lovely book – well it turned out to be the PR Company for DK. Now how did they get to know it was my birthday – cunning people these media types!

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