Recycling Week

Posted on: 03 June 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

All this week, there will be a series of events and activities across the country to encourage people to recycle common, but often forgotten, household items.

Recycle Week 2008, runs from June 2nd - 8th, and this year's slogan is 'One More Thing.'   

The annual event, which is now in its fifth year, is organised by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and aims to highlight the benefits of recycling and what happens to the things we recycle. 

The top five items people forget to recycle, according to WRAP, are aerosol containers, biscuit and sweet tins, plastic shampoo and toiletry bottles, plastic cleaning product bottles and glass jars.

Britain's landmarks have also been the focus of this year's Recycling Week with the unveiling of four sculptures made from rubbish to raise awareness of the importance of recycling.  A 6m (20ft) high sculpture of Big Ben made from Coca-Cola cans can be seen on London's South Bank,  a replica of the Angel of the North made out of 10,000 miniature Coke cans has gone on display in Gateshead, Bristol’s Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol, and and the Birmingham Bull statue in Birmingham.

The Government has also decided to launch a new drive this week to put recycling bins in public places.  Called “Recycle on the Go,” the sheme will be implemented with The Royal Parks rolling out a recycling pilot in Hyde Park over the next three months.  Why it is only in Hyde Park and not all inner city parks, remains a mystery, however.

It's Easy To Recycle 'One More Thing'

• Kitchen cupboards are a real treasure trove of overlooked recyclables such as plastic bottles containing kitchen cleaners, disinfectant and bleach. These can usually be recycled as part of your council’s plastic bottle collection or recycling service.

• The same goes for aerosols, such as those used for deodorants, hair spray, surface cleaners, furniture polish and air fresheners. Most councils will accept these with your regular recycling or you can put them into your nearest steel can recycling bank.

• If you have a sweet tooth, remember to recycle empty biscuit or sweet tins in with your steel food cans.

• Glass jars, such as those used for cooking sauces, or baby food, as well as for jam and pickles can all be recycled along with your glass bottles.

• Glass perfume and aftershave bottles, or bath salts can be recycled when empty along with your other glass bottles and jars.

• Liquid food and beverage cartons can now be widely recycled such as those for juice or fresh soup.

• Don’t forget to recycle your plastic shower gel, shampoo and conditioner bottles along with your other plastic bottles – rinse them out while you’re in the shower or bath.

• Why not start a home compost bin if you haven’t already done so? It’s a great way to recycle your vegetable and fruit peelings and ensure a blooming good display in your garden.

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