Rhodes Across China

Posted on: 01 July 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Join Gary Rhodes as he embarks on the culinary trip of a lifetime.

UKTV Food presents Rhodes Across China, a mouth-watering celebration of authentic Chinese cuisine.

Gary Rhodes and two young apprentices, accompanied by a local guide, take a trip of a lifetime.  Their mission is to find the best of authentic regional Chinese cuisine, learn how to cook it, and then return to the UK to cater for a major celebratory banquet.

Hear from Anglo-Chinese contributors with a story to tell about their family's life in China and the part food plays in keeping alive their connection to their roots.  This will extend our understanding of the culture and recent history of China.

sky_food_garry_rhodes_02Gary and two apprentices must use the stories of Chinese contributors now settled in Britain as 'drivers' to guide them to the right locations to find authentic Chinese dishes and learn to cook them.

He and his apprentices must then bring their new found knowledge of traditional Chinese cuisine, and the dishes they have discovered, back to the UK and prove themselves in the toughest of cooking challenges.

Back in the UK, Gary and the team are preparing to cook for an incredible event, a meal for the Chinese community in Britain, including the nine British Chinese contributors.  It's a chance for Gary to report back to them about what he found out about their own family narratives and his impressions of China and Chinese food.

They have a wealth of dishes to choose from to make up the banquet.  Rhodes Across China tells the story of Gary and the apprentices in China, how they found the dishes in question, what their experiences were and how they hope to translate them back in the UK.

sky_food_garry_rhodes_03With the menu sorted we follow the team as they plan the event, visiting the kitchen, and liaising with the venue team.  Then they must source their ingredients, any specialist equipment, and be ready for the big day. Reputations are on the line!

Then in the last programme we follow Gary as he leads his team.  Now a veteran of nine high-pressure Chinese cooking tests, he has saved the best till last, and must put everything he has learnt on the table.  At the end of the evening the team itself will give the verdict - will Gary and the sous-chefs fall the last fence, or will they rise to the final challenge?

Rhodes Across China starts Monday 28th July at 9pm.

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