Rooney's ankle, union muscle and Merrydown cider - why I've had a bellyful of Brown!

Posted on: 06 April 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Does the Prime Minister believe we are so stupid that we cannot see through his dumbed-down electioneering?

Have you ever got so drunk on something that the very thought of it makes you feel nauseous and trying it again makes you gag! When I was the grand old age of 17 I got drunk on Merrydown Cider and I have never touched a drop since.

Well, this is how I now feel about Gordon Brown – never again!

It was announced that he had just posted a new podcast on the 10 Downing Street site. Never one to condemn out of hand I thought I’d listen to what he had to say. Shouldn’t have bothered – big mistake!

It was full of the same old platitudes and promises – nothing new at all except a perverse analogy between the British economy and Wayne Rooney’s bad ankle! Both are in a bad way but the news on Rooney seems more positive than our economy. Talk is that the footballer will be up and about in a few weeks, which is  more than can be said for the UK.

This recession and its aftermath is going to be with us for at least another two years!

The banks are still not lending enough to businesses and first time buyers and the job prospects for young people are appalling! It must be soul destroying to be a young person coming out of university with a degree and £20,000 worth of debt,  yet be unable to get a foot on the career ladder.

This election will be fought on the economy and so long as Cameron sorts his act out he should win. Brown is fighting on the ‘experienced hand on the tiller’ platform while Cameron is pushing ‘it’s time for a change’.

In some ways Brown is right – experience does count but that’s where it ends. He presided over this government both as Prime Minister (two years) and as Chancellor (11 years) and we were the first country to go into recession and we have been the last out.

The trades unions, flexing their muscles again with little or scant regard to Brown and his cabinet, have brought back to my memories of the last days of the Labour government of Jim Callaghan. I remember walking though Leicester Square, in London, with the rubbish piled 16 feet high and the rats running around like cats and dogs.  Our children have no memory of these times but if they had they might see the warning signs that are becoming only too apparent.

Sorry Gordon – it’s time to move on and write your memoirs – I noticed the ‘remainders table’ in Waterstones was quite empty the other day!

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