Sad ending to a sad performance!

Posted on: 28 June 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Well, the World Cup is over for us Brits – Germany defeated England and the other home nations didn’t even qualify. One could make endless excuses as to why England didn’t do better but the simple answer is – we weren’t good enough!

As I have said before, I’m no sporting man and certainly not a footie fan. But even to my untutored eyes England was outclassed from the start of the game. There was a little rally when England scored and disappointment when their rightful second goal was disallowed but then Germany put them to the sword. Done and dusted!

While this was all happening the G20 in Toronto was agreeing that tough cuts to national budgets is to be an endorsed strategy to get the world economy back on track, while summit debutant, David Cameron, got a pat on the back for a ‘good first attempt’

There are analogies to be drawn from all this – principally as a nation we are no longer in the new world league and unless we get our act together pretty quick we never will be again!

Our football team was not a team, they’re overpaid and do not have the national fervour that other nations so clearly demonstrate! But this is nothing more than a reflection of the society we have all been complicit in creating. Our work culture has left us with two teams – the hard workers and the non-workers. We have a social security system that rewarded not working and in many cases deprive the really vulnerable of the support they need.

Business management is generally weak and ineffective driven by the need to tick management boxes and not face the really tough job of getting performance and output. Our Public Sector is to overstaffed, overpaid and wasteful. The work ethic that made this country great has been lost in a world wrapped up in cotton wool and stupid laws that don’t do anything to improve output.

Our day of reckoning is here – Team United Kingdom has its new manager (the Prime Minister) the coaching team is in place (the Cabinet) and the game plan has been agreed (the Budget). It’s now up to the players to get out on the field and play to win at cost cutting, sales, exports. This is the new order of things – we’ve been lazy, wasteful and unfocused and we are now paying the price and will do for the next five years. That’s how long it’s going to take to get it all sorted – assuming it’s not too late and the rest of the world (particularly the Far East) don’t change the rules. Only time will tell.

It’s a Belgian thing!

The Pope and the Vatican are upset that the police raided homes of senior clergy and retired clergy in Belgium. They were investigating sex crimes against children! You’d have thought the Catholic Church would have learned to be more sensitive with their comments in the media after all the scandals in the USA and Ireland wouldn’t you?

A Belgian friend of mine says his nation is good at three things: brewing beer, making chocolates and creating paedophiles!

If I were you Mr Pope I’d button my lips!

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