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Posted on: 19 February 2010 by Gareth Hargreaves

Political correctness and health and safety directives are stripping away the joyousness of life and cheating youngsters of the skills they need to succeed in society. Hasn't the time come to put a stop to it?

What a nonsensical world we live in? On the news this morning was a story about a five year old girl who was given a letter from school to take home to her parents. When the mother opened the letter she was shocked to read that her daughter was – fat!

At the school they had been measuring the body mass index  (BMI) of all the children and this little girl was 1% - yes I did say 1% over the norm  and therefore was designated fat!

The land of political correctness and health and safety is driving me into a state of despair. Where do we find these people and where do they find the money to waste on such silly exercises.

Of course it’s right that children’s’ health is monitored and warning signals given but this is ridiculous. When I was at school they watched out for under nourishment not obesity! Official interference in our lives is out of control and while we have these puffed up individuals thinking  of new things to monitor and interfere with we will continue to decline as a country. We are wrapping the future generations up in so much red tape that they will grow up believing this is how life has to be. It doesn’t – you can eat yoghurt after the ‘Sell By’ date, you can eat a radish from the ground with a bit of soil on it, and you can be a few pounds over the perfect BM Index. Let’s get real, take away the layers of cotton wool – we’re not doing them any favours. Go on lad, have another slice of lardy cake!

What’s next for 50connect
We took over 50connect six months ago. We have a great team and the site goes from strength to strength. Regular visitors will see the changes we’ve made and new visitors will know whether they like us or not . I’d really appreciate you dropping me a line to let me know what you think. My email is:

Buying 50connect was not something we planned. A friend of mine knew we were intending to set up a web site for older people and thought we’d be interested (well after 25 years of working with Age Concern what else could I do?). We took the plunge and are really glad we did; it’s a great site and makes our dreams easier to achieve.

Over the next six months we shall launch another site, which will be called ‘’, this will be a fully integrated social network for people over 50. Once we have that under our belt we will put 50connect onto the same platform with all the extra functionality. Our plan is to build a network of sites all with a common login so you’ll able to swap about as you see fit. This is a big project and we’re going to need your support. If you want to get involved with us and help build this network in your area drop me a line to my personal email – I’ll be very keen to hear your ideas and what you think is missing for the over 50s onlne. It’s going to be fun – share it with us.

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