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Posted on: 18 July 2008 by Gareth Hargreaves

Jazz Apples is scouring the UK for 10 inspirational sports enthusiasts to join its sports team and gain £1,500 in sponsorship support.

Cash funding, branded kit, publicity support plus a motivational weekend are all included as a new sports sponsorship scheme searches for ambitious individuals of all ages.

Whether you’re an avid hill hiker in need of some new equipment or a veteran marathon runner needing help for flights to the New York Marathon, people of all ages are being invited to apply.

This unique opportunity is open to veteran sports people of all backgrounds and sporting disciplines, offering applicants the perfect opportunity to gain additional support to help them in the pursuit of their sporting dreams. 

With competing in sport often being a costly business, team members will receive £1,000 to alleviate some of this financial burden, as well as receiving help with publicity which may also attract additional sponsorship.

The successful 10 chosen to join Team Jazz will also be taken on a motivational team building trip where they will meet the rest of the team and take part in an adventure activity day. 

Extreme sports athlete and TV personality Tim Emmett will also be on hand to run a motivational talk, chat about his past experiences and offer advice to each of the team members. 

Emmett has vast experience in competing at the highest level and is renowned for his astonishing sporting exploits including four podium positions in the World Ice Climbing Championships and an unforgettable race with Jeremy Clarkson up Verdon Gorge on Top Gear

Emmett knows what he's looking for. “Energy, determination, passion and character. We want the team to be an eclectic mix of talented British sports people who have a fresh new attitude and strive to be the best.”

“You never know, hopefully a member of the team will be a future world champion or Olympian one day."

Applicants are asked to download the application form from the new Jazz Apple website where they will have to list their past achievements and explain why they believe they deserve the sponsorship.

People can also nominate someone they know who fits the bill.  All applicants will be considered by a team of sports people which will be chaired by Tim Emmett.

The first ten Team Jazz members will be selected at the end of October. Completed forms plus a photo of the applicant need to be posted to Team Jazz, Impact Agency, 3 Bloomsbury Place, London, WC1A 2QL.

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